Jay Saraiya’s journey as an Entrepreneur &Advertising specialist has turned his passion into results.

A phoenix cannot spread its wings in a cage, it needs space to open its arms and take flight. Jay Saraiya, a 23-year-old from Mumbai had a dream, a vision to do something big. But the regular “go to college after school and then get a job” route wouldn’t do justice to his dreams and talents.

So instead of walking the path that society expects everyone to take, Jay set out to forge his own road. Jay Saraiya noticed how the digital realm was becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. The digital world and its potential stirred something in Jay’s mind and churned his mental gears.

Jay Saraiya stepped into the field of Digital Marketing and set up his company JSDigital – to make the most of the digital era.

JSDigital provides services such as Google Ads, Digital Content Management & Distribution, Online Marketing, Brand Building & Marketing. Their services are delivered to Artists, Record Labels, Production Houses, B – town & Big Brands. These services offer tools that enable JSdigital Works’ clients to promote their craft, connect with their audience, and get their voice heard around the world.

Jay Saraiya company’s vision is to build an agency that helps startups and businesses achieve their goals. They provide cutting-edge services in the field of Social Media Ads Management, Movies and Music Video Promotion, etc.

But no road comes without bumps. Throughout his journey, Jay has had to move some stones and boulders out of his way. He has to maintain a healthy work and family balance, where he gives his best to digital marketing as well as his graduation. Jay Saraiya is a self-made entrepreneur doing something unique, hence societal and family support is hard to come by.

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Even in face of these struggles, he works tirelessly and keeps moving forward. He does so by keeping himself motivated and finding inspiration in the most unlikely, one-of-a-kind places. Keeping himself centered and focused on his goals benefits him immensely, as it enables him to keep working despite all difficulties.


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