Japan’s ruling party MP announced his resignation, know the reason

Tokyo. Kentaro Sonoura, a lawmaker from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has announced his resignation over a political funding scandal. Japanese newspaper Yomiuri has given this news on Sunday quoting sources.

On Saturday, the prosecutor’s office was considering the possibility of opening a criminal case against Sonoura for concealing income from the sale of tickets in support of her in the amount of 40 million yen ($293,000), according to reports. The paper quoted sources as saying that Sonoura’s resignation was “inevitable”.

The MP can be charged under a simplified procedure which can result in a fine. However, even if convicted, Sonoura will have a criminal record. Hiding part of the income on political funds threatens the violator with up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 1 million yen.

If Sonoura is sentenced to pay the fine, he will be restricted from civil and political rights for five years. Sonoura may, however, avoid an open trial and a prison sentence.

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