JanDhan Account: If you also have Jan Dhan account, do this work immediately, otherwise there will be loss of lakhs


Pm Jan dhan Account: If you have also opened a Jan Dhan account, then link it with Aadhaar immediately, otherwise you may have to suffer a lot. According to the order issued by the government, if you do not link your account with Aadhaar, then you may suffer a loss of Rs 1.30 lakh.

There will be a loss of 1.30 lakhs
Let us tell you that the Government Jan Dhan account holders may suffer a loss of Rs 1.30 lakh. To avoid this loss, all you have to do is link your Aadhaar with the account. You can link your account with Aadhaar by visiting the bank.

These losses can be
If your Jan Dhan account is linked with your Aadhar card, then you can get total benefits up to 1.3 lakh from the center. Apart from this, the benefit of accident insurance is also available. In this, you get a cover of up to Rs 1 lakh. At the same time, insurance of Rs 30,000 is available. If your Aadhaar is not linked then you will not get these benefits. Apart from this, if overdraft facility of Rs 10,000 is also available on this account, then you will not get the benefit of it.

How can I do the link?
If you link by going to the bank, then you will have to take your documents there. There you will have to fill the form and fill all your necessary details in it, after which the process of linking your Aadhaar will be completed. Apart from this, if you want to do it online, then you can also get this work done by visiting the website of PM Jan Dhan Yojana.

Benefits of Jan Dhan account-

  • interest on deposit
  • Accident insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh
  • Apart from this, there is no tension to keep minimum balance in the account.
  • Customers will get the facility of accident insurance
  • Overdraft facility up to Rs 10,000 will also be available
  • Rupay card will also be available for cash withdrawal and shopping
  • Customers will also get the benefit of general insurance

Who can get the account opened?
You can open this account by visiting your nearest branch. Here you have to take a form and after that fill all your details like- name, mobile number, name of bank branch, applicant’s address and all the information. Apart from this, any person living in India can open this account. You must be of 10 years or more to open this account.

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