IWC Controversy Dipti: Cleared on the controversial runout, said – warned many times before…

New Delhi | IWC Controversy Dipti : In the past, Deepti Sharma, a player of Indian women’s cricket, is in a lot of discussions. Actually, Indian all-rounder Deepti Sharma is being trolled on social media for the runout done in a match. Although he has clearly said in this regard that our team had warned Charlie Dean many times before doing this. Even after this, she was continuously leaving the crease before the ball was bowled. Let us tell you that there is a lot of controversy about the run out of Charlie Dean in the third women’s one-day international cricket match. Now Deepti has openly spoken on this.

IWC Controversy Dipti : Deepti went ahead before bowling at the non-strike end and ran out Dean, which helped India win the match. Charlie Dean was then playing on 47 runs and England needed 17 runs to win. This run out was according to the rules of the game but the England players were not happy with it. This method of Deepti once again started a debate about sportsmanship. After reaching here from England, Deepti said that this was our plan because she was doing this again and again, we had already warned her. We did our work according to the rules and guidelines.

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IWC Controversy Dipti : Talking about the rules, this method of run out has been kept in the ‘unfair manner’ for the time being but it will be made in the category of ‘run out’ in the rules of the ICC game, which will come into force from next month. Deepti said that the players of the team had also told the umpire about his frequent exit from the crease before dismissing Dean. She said that we had told the umpire, yet she was going out. In such a situation, we could not do anything. 25-year-old Deepti said that the team wanted to bid farewell to Jhulan Goswami from international cricket with a win. This was the last international match of Jhulan Goswami.

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