It’s called luck! 49 years ago the painting was taken in exchange for a ‘cheese sandwich’, today the senses will fly away knowing the price!

It is said that no one can tell when luck shines. Sometimes man goes from rank to king in an instant and from king to rank in an instant. One such case has come to the fore where about 50 years ago, in 1973, a person took a painting by giving ‘Cheese Sandwich’. Now the same painting has been sold for Rs 2 crore 10 lakh.

Let us tell you that the head of the Ontario auction house, Ethan Miller, confirmed this sale on Tuesday. This painting was made by Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis. This painting has become one of the most expensive paintings of Mod Lewis. Earlier, one of his paintings was sold for around Rs 40 lakh. Living in poverty all her life, Lewis was diagnosed with arthritis at the last minute. Maud Lewis and her husband used to sell their paintings in Nova Scotia. Nova Sco Tia is a province of Canada.

Maud Lewis was born on 7 March 1903. There he died on 30 July 1970. After Lewis’s death his work was recognized internationally. His work was featured in the 2016 film Maudi Maudie. Irne Demes was the chef. He took this petting in exchange for a grilled cheese sandwich. Irne Dames reported that she and her husband, Tony, had an argument with artist John Keener. After which he got a chance to choose the painting of Kinner and his friends. This black truck painting remained in the Demes house for 5 decades.

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