It’s Better To Make Mistakes Than Regret In Life – Milan Joshi

Milan Joshi, also is known as “MUSAFIR ARCHITECT” one of the youngest architects from Jaipur. He completed his bachelor’s from Poornima University in 2017. After accomplish of his graduation. He started working in a firm and that 9 to 5 job was paying him enough. However, he was not satisfied with himself in that span of time.

He had some urge passion for travelling and making videos. All juggles keep on coming in his mind and that he is not made for all this and need to follow his dream in which he is interested. Then he decided to make a bold decision of his life and dedicate his life towards his passion for travelling and adventures things. Although many people suggested him not to leave the current work he decided to follow his inner instinct and said, “It’s better to make mistakes than regret.

In his opinion earning money from a job can fulfil your daily basic needs for living. But according to Milan Joshi “A job isn’t worth doing unless you enjoy it.

That’s it, from here Milan’s life has taken new wings towards his dream, passion, and career of course. He started his own architecture practice as well as exploring new places and making videos out of it. And the results are bringing out a huge smile on his face. and that is all what matters…to be continued


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