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it’s all about the chair

The sponsored film of India becoming Vishwaguru and Hindu Renaissance will end then it will be known that it was actually a sequel to the serial ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’, in which the people of the country were so lost that they did not even know that they were watching the serial or Living in reality. Actually whatever is going on in the country is for the chair and through the chair. Like the song ‘Mera to jo bhi kadam hai woh teri raah mein hai’ from the movie ‘Dosti’ in the sixties! Everything is in the way of the chair. There are sponsored stories for the chair, sponsored development figures, sponsored photos of being a Vishwaguru, denial of history, Hindu-Muslim dispute, resolve to attack Pakistan, raids on opponents, stories of honesty , distance from familyism and the promotion of simplicity. Everything is just from the chair and for the chair.

On the one hand, the opposition is accused of familyism and there is a narrative of the families sticking to the chair, and on the other hand there is an insistence not to leave the chair itself. If a family is the head of a party for 20 years, then it is wrong because it ends the opportunities of the youth, but if you yourself are the chief minister and prime minister for 20 years, then this is an achievement! If you want to remain in office for eternity, then no one’s opportunity ends with that. If this isn’t a chair game, then what is? Is a chair really needed to serve the nation? Mahatma Gandhi did not take any chair and neither did Jayaprakash Narayan and Vinoba Bhave. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar or Deendayal Upadhyay, who were ideal men in BJP’s politics, did not even have any chair, so did they not serve the country, society or their party organization! In Vishwaguru India led by Pradhan Sevak, it seems that the country or Hindus cannot be served without a chair and therefore the chair is paramount. Anything can be done for that.

It is necessary for the chair to have strong crony capitalism. It is necessary to collect all the resources and wealth of the country in the hands of a few people. For the chair, it is necessary for crores of people of the country to be poor or remain poor. It is also necessary for the chair to sustain the life of 80-90 crore people of the country on five kilograms of food grains for eternity. It is necessary for the voter of the country to be Namakhalal so that the chair remains. The use of martyrdom of soldiers is also necessary for the chair and if needed, the campaign of Akhand Bharat is also necessary. Like the campaign for the liberation of temples in different parts of the country, efforts for the liberation of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir are also possible. After all, the people of this country need some mystery, thrill, action, dose of emotion in every sequel of the serial. Here the melodrama is a superhit. The more violence there is, the more action there is, the more the film is a hit.

Everyone is rejoicing after hearing the tunes of the ruler. When the intoxication subsides, you will come to know that all this was the story of the chair. Then it will be known that the raids on the leaders of the opposition have not eradicated corruption, but these raids have only made an attempt to shine their image by tainting the image of the opposition. Democracy has not been strengthened by raids on social workers, writers, journalists, but has been weakening continuously and only then it became easier to control it. When the film ends, it will be known that the country’s diplomacy has not been strengthened by the hugs of world leaders, nor has India become a world leader. Only then will it be known that securing permission to worship in a few mosques or building another grand temple among millions of temples has not led to Hindu empowerment. The end of the film will happen then the reality of self-reliant India will be known. Only then will it be known that the action on terrorists or the daily threats to Pakistan has not made the Hindus of the Valley safe, but their long-standing association with the Valley has also ended. Yes, all these will definitely ensure the strength of the chair.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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