It is not proper to keep someone in prison for a long time without trial: Supreme Court

Supreme Court grants bail to two people from West Bengal in a criminal case

The Supreme Court, while hearing a case, while granting bail to two people who have been in jail for four years, said that it is not right to keep someone in jail for such a long time without trial or trial. The Supreme Court has granted bail to two people from West Bengal in a criminal case. Both of them are in jail without trial for the last four years. A bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said this during the hearing.

Bail granted during trial

Let us inform that during its hearing, the bench said, we cannot continue with this situation. Where we cannot keep an accused prisoner in prison for a long time without trial. Justice PS Narasimha was also included in the bench during the hearing. The bench said that no witness has been examined in the four-year-old case. According to the trial court, the petitioner is granted bail with certain conditions.

ganja seizure case

According to the information received, this is a case of 2018, in which the police had allegedly detained two people with 414 kg of ganja. Though challan was presented in the case and charges were framed, the matter could not proceed further.

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