It is better to adopt this bride’s idea than to forget to keep the ‘wedding gown’ somewhere after marriage!

A woman named Taylor Popik turned her wedding gown into a mini dress

For everyone, the clothes worn in their wedding and wedding are very memorable. People keep the clothes worn in their wedding very carefully because people take the best clothes to wear only for one day. However, in most cases, that dress is rarely used after wearing it only in the wedding. In such a situation, a woman made her wedding gown a mini dress so that she could wear it every day. After this the woman posted the video on Tiktok on May 11 and told the whole story about it.

According to ‘Insider’, a woman named Taylor Popik had bought a lehenga worth more than Rs 4.82 lakh for her wedding from Kleinfeldt Bridal in New York City. Taylor was married in August 2021. Taylor wanted to wear her gown several times. That’s why she made the gown worn in the wedding a mini dress. After about 9 months of getting married, she cut the dress and made a new dress.

Tell that at first, Taylor thought of keeping the gown for the daughter, but then she got the idea of ​​shortening the gown to make a mini dress. With this, it can come in handy for their child in future. His mother had given the idea to do this. After which she took this gown to a tailor and got it shortened. Now its fitting to Taylor is also good. is coming. Reactions of many users have also come to the fore on the post. People are praising Taylor’s move a lot.

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