it also happens; Stomach problem occurred after eating sandwich, after difficulty in farting, made a claim of 10 lakhs on the shopkeeper!

There are many such cases on the Internet which cannot be trusted. It becomes difficult to believe such news and everyone wonders, can this really happen? Here we are giving you information about one such interesting case, which has become a topic of discussion.

Do you also like to eat sandwiches outside? What if you eat an outdoor sandwich and get gas later? Would you sue the shopkeeper? You might not do this at all. But in this case a person has registered a case against a shopkeeper. He has demanded compensation of Rs 10 lakh by suing the shopkeeper.

The man said that he had eaten a sandwich at a food stall. Then he started having trouble in farting and strange rumbling sounds started coming out of his stomach. Then the person sued the shopkeeper and also demanded 10 lakhs as compensation. When the judge heard the arguments of this person in the court, the judge was also surprised.

According to media reports, the person’s name is Tyrone Prade and his age is 46 years. In December 2017, Tyrone accompanied his wife and children to a Christmas market in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile, he took a sandwich from a food stall and ate it. Tyrone says that after eating the sandwich, his health started deteriorating. He started complaining of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Then he started having problems with farting.

Tyrone’s lawyer says his client started having stomach problems after eating the sandwich. He started having gas problems. Tyrone makes strange rumbles and faces an embarrassing situation in public. Due to this problem, they cannot sleep at night. The hearing of the case is going on in the court. According to the lawyer, all the people who used to eat from here, those other customers also became ill. the matter is being investigated.

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