Is the Vasundhara era in Rajasthan nearing its end?

Rajasthan A lot is cooking within these days in politics. BJP is working continuously to make its mission 2023 a success. The same state president Satish Punia is constantly communicating with the public. But former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s meeting with top BJP leaders in Delhi has given rise to new speculations.

What did the queen get from Delhi

Recently, Vasundhara Raje’s meeting with top BJP leaders in Delhi has become a topic of discussion in the whole state. But according to political experts, Vasundhara Raje has returned empty handed from Delhi. Because Vasundhara Raje has made it clear that her displeasure is still intact by making a distance from the program held at the party headquarters on the foundation day of BJP. In such a situation, it is believed that Vasundhara Raje has not been able to convince the top leadership of the party in Delhi, so she has kept a distance from this program.

Vasundhara Raje
Source – BJP

On one hand the big leader’s visit to Delhi

As the assembly elections are approaching, all the leaders involved in the race for Chief Minister (Vasundhara Raje) are engaged in setting their own gotiyas. Apart from Vasundhara Raje, senior Rajasthan BJP leader Rajendra Rathod has also recently visited Delhi and met the party’s top leadership. What issues were discussed in the meeting, it could not come out, but experts say that Rathod is a strong leader of Rajasthan’s politics and he considers himself involved in the chief minister’s race. In such a situation, Rathod also explores his possibilities in the midst of the ongoing tussle in the BJP Rajasthan. The good thing with Rathod is that he is trying to manage himself everywhere, away from grouping politics on the lines of Poonia faction Shekhawat faction Vasundhara faction.

Vasundhara RajeVasundhara Raje
Source- BJP

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Neither friendship with Kahu nor Rathod on the path of hatred from Kahu

People with deep understanding on the politics of Rajasthan believe that Rathod is a leader with a serious understanding of the issues. He also has a long political experience. Whatever they do, they do it thoughtfully. Factionalism within the party and not expressing his ambitions openly is a positive side of Rathod. In such a situation, experts say that if there is a fight of monkeys in the BJP, then Rathod can get the benefit of it. (Vasundhara Raje)

How will Rathod celebrate Vasundhara?

Now the question is, how will Rajendra Rathod be able to manage Vasundhara factor, then experts say that Rathod has been very close to Vasundhara in both his tenures. No rhetoric and upheaval has been seen in the middle. On the other hand, Vasundhara has openly fought with Punia faction and Shekhawat faction many times. (Vasundhara Raje)

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