Iran: These things came to the fore in the medical report of Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody

Iran’s state media accuses Western countries of instigating riots in the Islamic country, reports show no signs of injury or coercion

There is a huge uproar in Iran regarding the hijab. Violent demonstrations are taking place in Iran for not wearing the hijab. Women are not only throwing off their hijab, but many women have also shown their protest in front of the hijab by cutting their hair. The reason for all this is Mehsa Amini. There has been an uproar ever since Mahsa Amini, who was taken in Hirasar by Moral Police for not wearing a hijab, died in police custody. Now even after 12 days of this incident, the situation is uncontrollable. The Iranian government has shared Amini’s medical report amidst violent demonstrations taking place everywhere.

What is in Amini’s medical report?

Let us tell you that according to Iranian media, forensic doctors have not found any signs of injury, swelling or fracture in Amini’s skull or his body. A CT scan shared by Iran’s state media showed the cause of his death, and Western countries have also been accused of inciting riots in the Islamic country. Also Mehdi Faruzesh, director general of forensic medicine in Tehran province, said Mahsa Amini’s autopsy showed that there was no bleeding in the girl’s internal organs. The CT scan also showed that there were no injury marks on Amini’s body. However, the team of doctors said that at present more time is needed to ascertain the exact cause of Amini’s death.

brain surgery in 2006

After this report came out, Tehran’s media claimed that Amini had undergone brain surgery and because of this she fell into a coma. In the CCTV footage released by the government, it has been said that the woman had fainted on the spot after a tussle between Amini and the police officer over the hijab, after which she died due to the woman falling into a coma. According to Iran, Saudi and Western countries are trying to spoil the atmosphere by taking the pretext of Amini’s death.

Violent demonstrations taking place across the country, more than 40 people died

It is noteworthy that after this incident, the police is using heavy force to stop the demonstrations that erupted after the growing discontent against the hijab in the country. The police are continuously firing tear gas and firing at the protesters. According to state media figures, 41 people have lost their lives in these demonstrations so far. Although several independent organizations estimate that at least 50 people have been killed in police firing. Among these demonstrations, the deaths of Hadith Najafi, Ghazala Chelawi, Hanana Kiya and Mahsha Mogoi remained the subject of discussion on social media.

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