IPL 2022 Latest: Ignoring the rules of ‘Biobubble’ will be costly, may have to be done outside at fault…


New Delhi | IPL 2022 Latest: Along with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), fans are also very excited about the organization of IPL 2022. In the last event, the IPL was affected due to the Corona epidemic. Right now the situation regarding corona in India is normal but in China and countries of Europe it is once again increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the BCCI, adopting a strict attitude, has made biobubble mandatory for the players participating in the IPL. The BCCI has instructed the players, officials and their family members of all the teams to strictly follow the rules of Biocobal.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguli:
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BCCI has given strict warning

IPL 2022 Latest: The BCCI has said in a warning manner that if any player or a member associated with the team violates the rules of Biobabble, then he will have to face the consequences. According to the information, the BCCI has said that if he violates the rules, he will have to do painting for 7 days, along with this, if the player is any of them during this time, then 100% of his fee will be deducted. If a player is found violating the rules for the second time also, then he will have to stay in Quarantine, along with a one-match ban will also be imposed.

Can also be out of IPL

IPL 2022 Latest: Twice is still fine, but if a player makes the mistake of ignoring the rules for the third time, then it will be very costly for him. The BCCI will take a tough stand on the players and drop them from the entire series. Let us inform that along with the players, their family members are also present in the IPL. In such a situation, if a player’s family members ignore the rules, then they will also have to face the consequences.

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