Install Flexnest Flexpad Treadmill at home, the desire of slim fit body will be fulfilled without going to the gym

Photo:FILE Flexnest Flexpad

jogging daily Exercise is considered the best exercise because it helps in staying healthy and fit. However, not everyone knows how to go out for jogging daily as he does not have the time to do so. Treadmills are a great option if you want to stay fit without leaving your home. Keeping this need in mind, fitness technology company Flexnest has launched the Flexnest Flexpad, a Bluetooth-enabled treadmill. A treadmill lets you jog at home without having to worry about going out for jogging in the polluted air. In addition, this treadmill has different speeds and modes allowing you to select the settings to suit your needs.

Product Description

  • Brand Flexnest
  • Color Black
  • Product Measurement 1.28D x 6.75W x 1.15H Microvolt
  • Weight 40.8 kg
  • Material Metal/Rubber
  • Max speed 12 kms
  • Max Speed: 12 kmph
  • Max Weight: 120kg
  • Motor Power: 1HP, 2HP (Peak)
  • Belt Length: 105cm, Belt Width: 40cm

Flexnest Flexpad

Image Source : FILE

Flexnest Flexpad

Folding design makes it convenient

LED, and a holder is available to keep the phone. The Flexpad comes with a folding design with built-in wheels. You can comfortably keep it anywhere in the house. The company has provided free remote control and FlexNest app with this product. You can download it on your mobile and watch it on all the records. The company gives one year warranty on this treadmill.

our experience

The FlexNest FlexPad Treadmill is a compact motorized treadmill. It offers a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg and can be folded easily when not in use. It offers a maximum speed limit of 12 kmph. It comes with several pre-set workout programs and target-based modes. It comes with built-in speaker. By connecting this treadmill to your mobile, you can see the record of daily workout in the phone itself. This treadmill is available on the e-commerce website for Rs 27,999. We used it for 15 days. This is a great treadmill for home use. However, we had trouble connecting it to the mobile via Bluetooth. The remote also has a problem with the battery plugged in. However, overall it is a better product.

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