Inspirational: The road to success beyond your determination, know the story of India’s youngest CEO

Troubled by physical damage after premature delivery, tried to commit suicide in childhood

Radhika Gupta, famous as the youngest CEO in India, is in the news recently for her social media posts. Radhika Gupta, CEO, Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd. took to Instagram to share the inspiring journey of all her problems and her determination.

Let us tell you that Radhika wrote in an Instagram post, “I was born with a crooked neck. Also, I was born premature, I had a premature delivery. So I had some physical problems. My eyes also rolled. This problem alone was not enough to kick me out. I was like a fresh girl entering any school. I traveled to new countries every 3 years. My father was an ambassador. India Before I came, I lived in Nigeria, Pakistan, New York and Delhi. Before I came to India from Nigeria, my Indian accent was assessed. Also people worked hard to understand what I was saying. He told The Simpsons Gave me the nickname ‘Appu’ after the character.

Radhika Gupta, 39, says that when I came in 7th standard, she was a strange child among the ‘normal’ children. Which the students saw as a joke. Also, I had low self-esteem during my school days. He compared my appearance to that of my mother. My mother worked as a teacher in the school. She is a wonderful and wonderful woman and people always pretend that you are nothing compared to your mother. Such comparisons broke my confidence at a young age.

Gupta said, “At the age of 22, I was not selected in 6 different job interviews in the US and I was disappointed with my 7th job interview. I thought of committing suicide. I looked outside and felt like jumping. Then a friend of mine took me to the psychiatric ward and helped me. Then I worked too.

Gupta said, “I didn’t have to stick to any one place, so I quit my job in the US and moved to India and started my own business with my husband and a friend. A few years later our company was acquired by Edelweiss MF. was acquired and started climbing the corporate ladder. When it came to appointing a new CEO at Edelweiss MF, I was skeptical. I thought, ‘Why they me?’ But my husband encouraged me and I became India’s youngest CEO again.

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