Indians will be at the forefront! Indians will spend more on traveling and shopping this year

New Delhi. Looking to spend some leisure time outdoors with family this holiday season, Indian consumers are planning to spend more on travel and shopping this year. consumer, In the released report of Amex Trendex, a trend index of American Express Banking Corp India, a company that collects data related to savings and spending trends of small businessmen and shopkeepers, it has been said that in the holiday season, there is a possibility of spending some leisure time outside with the family. Indian consumers are planning to spend on travel and shopping this year.

according to reports, Indians love to spend this holiday season with friends and family. Britain involved in the survey, Australia, Japan, mexico, India and Canada have the highest number of 75% Indians planning a holiday for family and friends in the upcoming holiday season. Similarly, 82 percent of Indian adults and 83 percent of youth are planning a vacation with family.

Also 67 percent of Indian holiday, the parade, Want to participate in festivals and cultural events. Consumers are taking steps to support local communities during the holidays. According to Amex Trendex, 69 percent of Indian consumers believe that supporting small businesses is more important than ever this holiday season.

according to the report, 92% of Indians agree that they would go to their favorite local restaurant to spend their holidays. 88% of Indians agree that these have been difficult times for small businesses, so they want to support them. 88% of Indians agree that they plan to donate something to the less fortunate this holiday season.

Compared to last year, this holiday season, 70 percent of the youth want to shop at small business shops. 44% of Indians want to contribute voluntarily to their community. It is important for consumers to shop and gift thoughtfully as 91% of Indians agree that they would be willing to spend more if they get the right gift.

88% of Indians surveyed agree that they are going to buy thoughtful gifts over luxury gifts this holiday season. 89 percent agree that they would prefer to buy sustainable products and gifts this holiday season.

Similarly, 87 percent of Indians agree that they would rather gift experiences such as theater tickets to friends and family this year than buy material things., Would prefer to buy tickets for feasts and concerts.

Sanjay Khanna, Chief Executive Officer, American Express Banking Corp India said, We are witnessing two major changes in the spending habits of Indian consumers this holiday season. First, they are interested in sharing more experiences with family and friends, and second, they are looking to support small entrepreneurs or local shopkeepers by purchasing sustainable products such as gifts from local brands.

They said, Our Amex Trendex Report Indicates Majority Of People Want To Spend Their Holiday Season At At Least One Event, As the era of offline events has returned again. 62 per cent have shown interest in music festivals while 56 per cent are looking forward to attending sporting events. With travel topmost in priority, Indian consumers are planning to travel abroad for events.

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