India Jodo Yatra: The medicine that spoils the taste and mood by drinking, but saves life

Rahul Gandhi’s image is being corrected through Bharat Jodo Yatra. This journey is being made a medium to connect with people. No one can challenge the supremacy of Rahul Gandhi today.

These days Rahul Gandhi is out on the India Jodo Yatra.

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in kerala Bharat Jodo Yatra While covering it, I remembered the point of a big UPA minister. The minister told his staff Rahul Gandhi There was a comment on . Today that person is playing a big role in the India Jodo Yatra. This is from 2017-18 when he was not in a big position in the organization. Then the debate on the Gandhi family was at its peak in the media. Is Gandhi family a burden on Congress? Can Congress be imagined without Rahul Gandhi? On this the former minister had to say, ‘The truth is that we have to work only with Rahul Gandhi because this is the tool we have against BJP. We have to learn to work with them. India Jodo Yatra is a symbol of that truth. In 2022, the words of the minister proved to be correct. Whoever becomes the President of Congress, the worker is with Rahul Gandhi.

The image of Rahul Gandhi is being corrected through this visit. This journey is being made a medium to connect with people. No one can challenge the supremacy of Rahul Gandhi today. The new president can free the Gandhi family from the charge of familism, but the supremacy in the party will remain with Rahul Gandhi. Yes, it is a different matter that in 2004, Sonia had to give up the power of the Congress organization from power and now in 2022. Ashok Gehlot is the choice of the Gandhi family and will 100% win the election of Congress party president, but this will not change the way the Congress party works. Rahul Gandhi will have the seal on all the decisions. You can ask this question that how can this happen after the resignation of the President and what is its relation with India couples?

For the last 15 years, Rahul Gandhi has been trying to change the working of the Congress. Every time his initiative was mocked. Many initiatives themselves failed but they had to face problems from within the organization. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had problems with senior leadership. After that his young comrades left him. Big or small after the Lok Sabha defeat of 2019, leaders from the Congress party are out in the swarm. During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, there was a tremendous breakdown in Goa and in the absence of the Gandhi family, Ghulam Nabi Azad left the party. The skeleton of the party’s name is left with Rahul Gandhi. The tragedy is that when he resigned in 2019, Ahmed Patel did not allow a cross-cutting fight and Sonia Gandhi was made the president again. Then there were allegations against Rahul that he was driving back room without a post. The rebellion of Zee 23 was also light-hearted. Less in the organization and 23 in the newspaper more. That is, Rahul Gandhi could not hold on to the organization even if he wanted to.

Preparation for change in Congress from the politics of movement

Rahul Gandhi has decided that the formation of a new Congress, a new politics, a new slogan and a new team can be done not only by changing the organization but by the politics of the movement. His team believes that where the public will stand, the Congress organization will be seen standing. This padayatra is a way to build organization and image. Yatra is the new organization of Rahul Gandhi. I spent five days in Kerala and realized that padyatra is the only way to keep the Congress alive. Elections will also be held during this time. Congress will lose Gujarat and Himachal but the padyatra will not stop. BJP has no break in the politics of elections but every big power can fail in front of the awakening movement. Modi Shah succeeded in thwarting the farmers’ movement but the movement encouraged the opposition to contest the elections. Padyatra is like that bitter medicine for Rahul Gandhi and Congress whose drinking spoils both the taste and the mood but saves lives.

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Rahul Gandhi’s visit may change the equation

And finally two things. If the yatra is centered around the Politics of Hope, it will create a big problem for the BJP. If its campaign pitch turns negative, then it will also face the same fate that Indira Gandhi did to the opposition in 1971. Second, if Rahul Gandhi has chosen his mantra after being influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, then he will have to follow this path continuously. You have to be consistent, because there is no other option than this.


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