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India is the only religion of the earth!

What do you mean by this heading? If not, then take the map of the world and find that apart from India, which other country is there on earth where the Prime Minister, President or Islamic emperor remains the king of the religion of the country? The ruler shows a new tableau of religious belief every day! The people are enamored of their Prime Minister by the incarnation of God and the Ashwamedha Yagyas, royal grandeur of his religious deeds. He considers himself to be a world guru with the pride, security and righteousness of being a Dharmarashtra. Remember the devout King Dasharatha of Tretayuga and Dharmarashtra of King Ravana. Either it was the time or it is the time of 2021 when Bharatbhoomi has got that Dharmaraja who is sometimes in Kedarnath, sometimes Kashi Vishwanath, sometimes Mahakal, sometimes Ayodhya, sometimes in the south, sometimes in the north, sometimes in the east, sometimes in the west wearing the clothes of worship. Wear sandalwood on the forehead and rudraksh and garland around the neck and pretend to be a religious flag by wearing a crest to protect your power. I am quoting this line with peace.

Only then compare the great rituals of King Dasharatha and King Ravana in Tretayuga with the rituals and miracles of telling the Dharmadhwaji of the current king. Are the Hindu subjects not considering themselves blessed to have been motivated by King Narendra Modi? Is India not made of gold?

Now compare the king and subjects of India with the Presidents, Prime Ministers of America, Europe? Will anyone be found doing such religious politics anywhere? Are there any such adherents of their primitive tribal religions in African countries, their prime ministers and presidents? Has anyone happened to the King of Saudi Arabia during the separate renovations in Mecca and Medina, claiming to be the Divine Caliph, carrying the flag of Islam? Has anyone indulged the public with superstitions by worshiping Vladimir Putin in the liturgical tsarist rites of the Russian Orthodox Church? Has the Chinese-Communist President, the Japanese Prime Minister or the Prime Minister of the Jews seen the ancient Dharma Rashtra of their own Han, Confucian, Buddhist or Jewish civilization to become a Dharma Rashtra from the Hindu flag symbol of Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Yogi Adityanath, Rahul Gandhi?

The difference between time and nature is between nation, nationalist vs Dharmaraja and Dharmadhwaji Raja! That is why the India of the third decade of the twenty-first century is not a Hindu nation, but it is the religion of the world that breathes in Kali-yuga miracles and superstitions. In the twenty-first century, Hindus have found that king who casts spells on subjects with black magic, black clothes, the king of beliefs, customs, rituals and the imprint of divinity, the king’s omniscience, his singleness, his supernatural powers. Protects and extends power.

The question is, how did this miracle happen in modern times? So the answer is the slave-devotee texture of the innocent Hindus and the power formula written by Chanakya. Yes, the answer to all is Kautilya Likhit (Chanakya Likhit) the sutras of Arthashastra. Kautilya has suggested so many formulas of superstition and politics in the Thirteenth Tribunal of Arthashastra that by using each one of them, Prime Minister Modi has made the flag of his power. In the sutras of V, 2 and V, 3 of Arthashastra, how politics should be done by keeping the subjects in superstitions and lies. It has innumerable formulas. For example, the king should take advantage of the blind beliefs of the common people to strengthen his internal and external conditions.… Religious practices are just superstitions and the rulers should take advantage of them for their own selfish interests.…the king’s omniscience to the people And the feeling of being like a deity should be made… By detecting the activities of the officers, enemy people through spies, the king should make such an impression on the mind of the people that our king is such that he knows everything with his supernatural powers. ..The king is special to the gods, it should also be publicized.… To show his supernatural power, he can also show some magic tricks in water..etc, etc.

Yes, Kautilya has advised to take the services of seven types of people for the promotion of the king and in the promotion of his divinity i.e. God being to the public. These six types of people are: astrologer, soothsayer, narrator, Ikshnik meaning good fortune teller of future, detective and Sachivykar i.e. companion of the king. In Sutra 103 of Arthashastra, explaining the importance of the priestly class, it is written that the important role of the priests is effective in forming public opinion. This gives the impression of the king’s supernatural powers i.e. making fifty-six inches of chest shine, the appearance of gods before the king in foreign countries, the king having a boon from heaven and his victory is inevitable. Similarly, the defeat of the enemy and his people should be shown to be fixed by showing luthi from the sky to his officers and making noise of drums.

In the thirteenth chapter of the Arthashastra, how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using all the suggestions for the promotion of the supernatural powers of Vijayecchu king, it will be known from the sequence of events. To resort to miracles, to create an impression on the people of the king’s omniscience and divinity by cleverly propagating it through a well-organized system, to fuel superstitions, to create an illusion of the king’s supernatural powers among the people, the experience of the only and only Hindu on earth in the twenty first century receiving it. Hence the only Dharmadhwaji rule of the world. In the book Kautiliya Arthashastra, the chapter on Political Thought in Ancient India, by Ramsharan Sharma, it is an epilogue to religion and politics that the relationship between superstition and politics is such a feature of Kautilya’s work which is not generally noticed. Kautilya has laid great emphasis on the fact that the king should take advantage of the ignorance and superstition of the common man for the benefit of the state in foreign policy.

Think about this epilogue in the present time. My thesis in this is that the ancient Hindu kings, in their omniscience, committed the sin of making Hindus mindless, superstitious, which reduced the strength of the community. Hundreds of years suffered the slavery of Muslim emperors. In the same trend, Narendra Modi is making the present and future such hollow that history will repeat again, taking advantage of their ignorance, by misleading the Hindus in his flag-bearing politics.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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