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India is bigger than Britain but…

India’s attention will be the most on the latest report of the International Monetary Fund, because according to it India has now become a bigger Seth than Britain. This year the UK economy stood at $816 billion, while that of India grew to $854.7. That is, we have overtaken the UK by about $ 38 billion. But let us not forget that the population of Britain is hardly 70 million and the population of India is 20 times more than that i.e. about 140 crores!

Our economy has become bigger than the UK and we should be proud of it, but what facilities are available to the common man of India as much as the British people. The average person’s annual income there is 47000 dollars and in comparison to that in India he is only 2500 dollars. It is true that there are a handful of people in our country who are richer than the average British rich, but how is the condition of more than 100 crore people? Are we able to give them education, medicine, food, residence and employment etc. in sufficient quantity?

No, our leaders care about them only when the festival of votes ie elections comes. It is true that Britain and many nations of Europe sucked the blood of many countries of Asia and Africa for many years and became rich on the basis of their colonies, but there are many countries of the world, which till 70-75 years ago were much better than India. Were backward but are far ahead of India in terms of prosperity. Like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea etc! These countries have not sucked the blood of any of the colonies. They have progressed on their own.

It is true that open democratic system like India did not flourish in these countries, but is it a lesser matter that people there do not die of hunger, do not die due to lack of medicine, almost all children go to school. Like India, a handful of very rich people also live in these countries, but the gap between poverty and wealth is not there in India. I have never seen a crowd of hungry and beggars in these eastern countries except in China.

The poor, the handicapped, the illiterate and beggars can still be seen in non-Han areas in China, but many cities and villages in China outnumber the cities and villages of America. We can also count India ahead of most countries of the world in many respects. For example, in the number of Internet users, in starting new businesses, in digital transactions, in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers, India is at the forefront of third world countries except China.

Although India has overtaken Britain in terms of economy, but mentally it still remains a British colony. British culture still dominates India. After Gandhi and Lohia, there is no leader in the country to get rid of him. If someone can give India cultural and intellectual freedom, then India’s economy can be 20 times bigger than Britain.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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