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India is a cow, it is used for milking, eating and pulling a cart – Mao Zedong

what does the title say, China’s jealousy towards India. Yes, take this truth in your heart and mind that China has hatred towards India in its veins. He believes and understands that there is nothing in the bus of a cow named Bharat. India’s strength and ambitions are meaningless. Believe it or not, I believe, is and will remain that the global thinking of Mao Tse Tung is the Gita of the Chinese Han civilization. His assessment is the wisdom of today’s Xi Jinping and will also be of future Chinese presidents.

Prof John Garver, who wrote a history of Chinese foreign policy and China-India relations from 1949 to 2015, quotes a poem by mothers in his book. Mao says – India bear is a helpless cow standing with Soviet Union. According to Mao, the metaphor of a cow is most appropriate for India. He is no more than a cow. Only fit to eat, to ride people and to pull carts… There is no special ability in him. The cow will starve to death if the owner does not give her fodder to eat.… No matter how many ambitions this cow may have, all are meaningless. (Chairman Mao use of the cow as a metaphor for India could not be the more appropriate. It is no better than a cow… it is only food or people to ride and for pulling carts; it has no particular talents. The cow would starve to death if its master did not give it grass to eat… even though this cow may have great ambitions, they are futile.”

Think this thinking of China on India. Aren’t these words of mothers shocking to you? How many know this? But the cry of us Hindus is that we, our Prime Minister or Seth like Ambani-Adani do not even read what the Chinese civilization or other civilizations think about India and Hindus. The Hindus who consider themselves to be Vishwa Guru and see the world in the face of Lord Narendra Modi have forgotten our thousand years of slavery. In his own home, he is behaving like a slave and a slave.

However, this incident of mothers came up in my recent conversation with Arun Shourie. I asked him in my prodigy that you have been in the Government of India. Just explain, how is it that the establishment of our nation-state, our strategic leader China does not understand? Should you understand now? On this matter, he gave the essence of Mao Zedong’s India thinking and informed that in his book also, he has told Mao’s India thinking in the conversation between US Secretary of State Kissinger and Mao.

It can be said that analysts, thinkers like Arun Shourie, Shivshankar Menon, Shyam Sharan have been giving indications of China’s India vision through their own writings. But such truth does not come in the direction of the leader and the public because where is the literacy of global affairs in Gopalak country? From above, the language of the leaders and the people is not even writing and speaking impeccably in Hindi. That’s why India’s foreign policy has been constantly hit by smooth talk and the naive nature of the cow.

This is not the case in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Chinese civilization. Because all these civilizations (the case of the Jews is a little different) are of the vivacity of the conqueror and the real worldview. Know this truth-fact that Chinese Han civilization considers itself to be the world axis by culture. Be it the right-wing Chiang Kai-shek before Mao, or the radically communist Mao or the reformist communist Deng Xiao Ping or the current businessman Xi Jin Ping, and the Communist Party, the elite, the Trillion Chinese all along the roadmap to the global flag of the glory of medieval Han civilization. China runs in this framework.

For this, the Chinese fooled the American capitalists. Christians made their way out of Islamic civilization and made their owls. On the other hand, the countries of Asia and the poor of the world, developing, India and Pakistan, South Asia and ASEAN countries have been bought or made dependent on themselves by trade, money, capital.

Then it was decided that Xi Jinping now handles Narendra Modi like Mao and Chou En Lai used to handle Pandit Nehru. No Chinese considers India to be powerful. The mothers spoke their mind, while impressing the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (from him and because of Nixon-Kissinger, China became the factory of the world. It became a real superpower). Blaming their enmity with the Soviet Union, the mothers then revealed India to Kissinger and said – don’t worry about it – India’s philosophy is an empty cask of words. just a bunch of empty words.

Only then think that what would President Xi Jinping think in his mind after listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the great hero of the word juggling? Imagine.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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