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India at Agneepath!

Wonderful destiny of India! No matter how wealthy the owners of India are, but India has to be burnt. I was in the mood to gossip this week on the economy, bulldozers, ED’s litmus test, Rahul and Congress, presidential elections. Suddenly Ramavtarji informed me on the phone that the stock market is going down heavily and boys are burning trains in Bihar. The boys burnt the BJP office. I heard and unheard this only and said that all this has to happen. But then the meaning of the new jumla of “Agneepath” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi flashed. Modi has actually told the fate of India in his own words. Hate India. Blazing India! Hot India. Burning India. India takes summer. India extinguishes the summer. India distributes matches. India burns sesame seeds. India builds Agneepath. India produces Agniveer. And in the end, the languri Bhasmasura spreading fire with fire in the tail, jumping everywhere!

Wow! What a wonderful confirmation of the future of India I wrote continuously after demonetisation. New floats of ‘Agneepath’ and youth to be ‘Swahh’ from the fire. That being said, it is not wrong to say that from ‘Demonetisation’ to ‘Agneepath’, India’s energies, efforts, expectations have been created, the most horrific and tragic result of the set of scripts of demolition, civil war. If any, it is the langurization of majority youth of 140 crore population.

Ajit Dwivedi in his column on ‘Agneepath’ in ‘Naya India’ has explained in detail and detail the rationale of ‘Agneepath’ plan in the modernization of the army and the demands of the times. Doubts in the editorial and column of Dr. Vaidik, ‘Agneepath’ were extinguished by pros and cons in the possibility. But what does the quick reaction in which the youth interpreted ‘agneepath’ mean? As if this is a deception of the government, a deceit. Recruitment in the Indian Army has to be made like the recruitment of Anganwadi, in which neither full salary, nor stability nor future is guaranteed.

Imagine the announcement of a new plan by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh with all the army chiefs and the immediate reaction of the youth to it! The same happened with agricultural bills. The farmers reacted immediately because they also understood that they were cheating. And this is applicable to every scheme, announcement, jumla that came out of Narendra Modi’s mouth in the last eight years. The promise of good days has been burnt to ashes on the tracks of inflation, unemployment, violence-stress-insecurity-anxiety. Now that jumla does not come out of the mouth of Modi himself. The falling rupee of the economy running towards five trillion, has ever been devastated in shabby-hollow-false figures. Where the bulldozers are going on development of everyone, whether there is a Muslim, SC, ST or caste hunger in the society, anger in everyone’s heart and mind is smoldering so much that the history of Hindus will inevitably repeat in the old Agneepaths. have to be

Since we are living in the time of Bhasmasuri-Languri, it is not visible on the surface how the youth population is behaving? But look at the young faces of Hindus and Muslims, Dalits and castes agitating? The number one scary truth is that everyone’s attitude is steaming. Devotee youth are showing their attitude to cure Muslims, spread hatred and fight, then the faces of Muslim youth are no less frightened. Society is sure to be swayed further in the Hindu-Muslim Agneepath because the boys have no other work. There is no employment. If there is no understanding and intelligence and hatred is nurtured in WhatsApp school every day, then the path of sacrifice, fighting and destruction is fixed. The bulldozer of power from above is increasing both heat and anger with new experiments.

Then whether it is a mosque, a temple, a road, a platform or a railway track, all are the destination of the Agneepath of India. Why Modi-Shah-Yogi’s fate is the path of fire for India, this truth will be proved year after year with time because there is no other destination and no work.

Look, remember the young faces seen in all the movements from reservation to jobs! Oops! How much unemployment, preparations from morning till evening and zero result for the poor. India has made such foolish minds in the fraud omniscience of all education and leaders that the country has to die in Agneepath. you don’t agree? Do not believe After demonetisation, I am constantly repeating this prediction that wait, everything will be proved right with the demolition. Narendra Modi will not only be a man of global slander of Hindus, but will also be the one to play the same tune for the political philosophy of the Hindus, the Sangh Parivar, as the BJP office in Nawada just fell victim to Agneepath.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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