Independence Day: In the memories of 75 years, these brands supported the country fiercely, many stories of your childhood are incomplete without it

Photo:India TV These brands supported the nation in the memories of 75 years


  • ‘Luna’ is the first wish of a middle class family in the 80s
  • Onida who used to be the king of TV market
  • Old Monk Best in Test

Independence Day: Today India is celebrating 75th anniversary of independence. This Amrit Festival of Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav) What are the factors in accelerating India’s development? Brand has played an important role. Will try to know about him today. Had it not been for these brands, today India’s Economy Doesn’t come in fifth place in the world. Ambassador (Rajdoot) from Luna up to and Bajaj) from Nirma Detergent And Parle ji Even those brands of biscuits which have proved to be milestones for the opponents in their industry.

Luna’s first wish for a middle class family in the 80s

Luna This was one such two wheeler that became very popular in India in the 80s. The 50cc lightweight and liberating bike became a kind of heavyweight in the 1970s and 80s. It was the first such two-wheeler in India that contributed the most in connecting women to the pace of development. At one time, about 90 percent of its customers were women. Young children of those times aspired to ride the Luna. By the turn of the 21st century, the decade of Luna came to an end.

‘Nirma’ milky white

‘Let the colorful cloth that came from Nirma white like milk bloom, everyone’s choice Nirma, washing powder Nirma’. This was the line of Nirma detergent that gained the most popularity in the world of TV advertising. Its identity became a household name. It ruled the industry for many years. Karsanbhai Patel in 1969 in Gujarat. This company was included in the top brand in the 80s.

Old Monk Best in Test

Old Monk was launched in 1954. Since then, it has remained the first choice of every lover of rum. It is said that whenever people have a party in India, if someone wants to drink rum in it, then he is first offered Old Monk. Some people also call it the national drink of India.

Onida who used to be the king of TV market

Onida was launched at a time when BPL and Videocon were ruling the market. Both of these are also the same brand of TV. Onida was brought in the market according to the low budget. This is the reason why it is also called poor man’s sony. Sony is a huge TV and electric accessories company. The company also found success after launching its brand. It has also made profits for 19 years since the launch of its IPO in 1992. Then gradually due to the entry of new brands in the market, it went backward.

The ‘Ambassador’ called the King’s Ride

The Ambassador was a bike whose ride was once said to be a king’s ride. You can guess its popularity from the fact that it used to be the first choice of people in the 80s. When it was launched in the 80s, it used to cost 18 thousand. However, it later got a tough competition from the bullet.

These brands also left a mark on your life

  1. Launched in 1997, PVR Cinemas is still a big name in the film industry. Movies from Bollywood to Hollywood are shown in this cinema hall.
  2. Patanjali Ayurved Company was launched in 1995. In the journey since then, this company has achieved a great position in the FMCG sector.
  3. Reynold whose pen is used by every reading and writing youth of India. It is advertised by Sachin Tendulkar. The pen company manufactures from Rs 5 to Rs 1000.
  4. Parachute hair oil is still liked by the women of India. You can also guess the specialty of this coconut oil from the fact that from 1970 till today, coconut oil has remained the first choice.
  5. OLA Taxi was launched in 2010. This company provides online cab service. It has played a major role in launching the facility to book cabs online in India.
  6. Paytm has a major contribution in giving a new impetus to digital transactions. The company started its service when people in India used to avoid doing online transactions. Today India is one of the largest digital transaction taking country.
  7. Oberoi Hotel has done the job of giving India a big chain of luxury hotels. It is quite famous in today’s time. Although its one day fare is a bit expensive than a normal hotel.
  8. Parleji was started in 1929. Then its name was Parlage-Gluco, which has been changed in 1981. You can also buy Parleji Biscuit for Rs.5.
  9. Maruti 800 was launched in the 90s. Then it was very famous in four wheelers. At that time people used to get this car in the budget.
  10. Our Bajaj scooter used to be the most popular scooter in the 90s. It is said that the people who had these scooters at that time considered themselves rich. The memories of many people are still attached to this scooter.

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