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increasing attacks on Indians

There are about 45 lakh Indians living in America at present. No wonder that in the next few years someone of Indian origin should become the President of America. Kamala Harris is still the Vice President. At present, if there are any richest people of foreign origin in America, then they are Indians. By the way, white people are also few Native Americans.

Like Indians, they have come from Europe and settled in America, but their arrival has started from three-four hundred years ago, so they have started to believe that those white people are Native Americans. Everyone else Indian, African, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc. are foreigners. The Asian people who were born in America and have been living there for the last hundred-and-a-half hundred years, are not considered by white people as Americans.

As a result of this, for many decades it was impossible for Indians to reach the highest positions in various professions of America, but now you can find Indians in high positions in America’s biggest companies, laboratories, education and research institutions and even in its army. can see on The ability, efficiency and hard work of Indians compel the Americans to appoint them to high positions.

Even the average American is amazed to see the way of life of Indians. But all these characteristics of Indians also cause jealousy in the hearts of American whites. In terms of prosperity, people of Indian origin come in the most affluent class in America. They have more than one good house, expensive cars and other items of opulence than ordinary Americans. As a result of this, there has been a lot of crimes against Indians in America these days. These are called hate crimes in America.

Such crimes against Indians have increased by 300 percent or three times in 2021 as compared to 2020. Some white people on seeing Indians shoot at them. On seeing them on the streets and shops, abuses start. Such crimes against Indians happen without any reason, without any provocation because the hearts of the people are already filled with hatred. Ever since Donald Trump entered politics, he has made this hatred against Asian, African and Latino people stronger.

The consequence of this extremist dynasty of Trump has also been that some influential TV channels of America continue to promote this hate crime. As soon as the Biden-administration loosens visas and so on, many Republican leaders begin to shout that white people in America will soon become a minority and that their lives will be unaffordable.

Asian people are also held responsible for spreading corona in America. Those who are spreading hatred against Indians, do they know that if all the people of Indian origin come out of America today, then the wind of America will slip away? These Indian people are not only increasing the prosperity of America but are also obliging it with the best way of life.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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