In the greed of money, the hoax doctor gave three injections of animals to the elderly, then what happened…

Bhubaneswar | Animals Injection to Man: A very shocking case has come to light in Odisha. In which a quackery doctor, in the greed of money, injected the animals of a sick elderly person. It was fortunate that the old man was taken to the hospital at the right time and his life was saved. This incident is being told of Gaudiyabahli village of Mayurbhanj district of the state.

Back pain overwhelms life
According to the information, a 75-year-old Burjag Daitari Mohanta of Gaudiyabahli village was suffering from back pain for a long time and wanted to get rid of this excruciating pain. Meanwhile, Vishwanath Behera, a person who called himself a doctor, came to the old man’s house and said that he had brought some medicine and injections for him from Bhubaneshwar, so that his back pain would be completely cured. After coming to Vishwanath’s words, the elderly Mohanta agreed to get the injection, then Vishwanath gave three injections of the elderly in the greed of money.

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Injection cost Rs 500
Vishwanath told Mohanto that the cost of each injection is Rs 500 and six pills have to be taken for three days. In the name of whose fee, 400 rupees were also collected.

Life in the middle of reaching the hospital on time
The very next day after getting the injection, the elderly Mohanta developed restlessness and fever as well as lusciousness started. In such a situation, seeing this condition of the father, the son immediately rushed him to the Community Health Center where the doctors admitted him after seeing the condition serious. Elderly Mohanta’s life was saved by reaching the hospital on time.

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Even before the injection of animals was given to another person
Animals Injection to Man: When this whole matter reached the police, the quack doctor escaped. Police registered a case against the accused doctor. Police say that the accused doctor has already brought an animal injection to a sick person in the same way. Police is conducting raids to nab the accused.

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