A diamond has to go through several blows and scorching heat, before it becomes the precious element that we all admire.

Similar to a diamond, Kanishk Modi had to go through his share of trials and tribulations before he became a success story.

Kanishk Modi is an entrepreneur, a memer, and a digital marketer from Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch.

He has several feathers on his cap at the young age of 18.

His accounts @singles_gram, @all_about_love, @meri_pagli_crush and @Thetrollsgag are widely loved, have a follower base of over 10 lakh people.

He started his journey on Instagram at the age of 16, and within three years he has built an empire through his hard work and determination.

He is a very busy man, but he was kind enough to spare a few moments and talk to us about his journey.

Q: You have achieved significant success at an age where your peers are more concerned about trivial things. Is there any secret formula to this?
Kanishk: No, I don’t believe that there are any secret formulas or shortcuts to success. Anyone can be diligent and dedicated, but everyone doesn’t want to do the work. I have started working at a young age and that put me ahead. When others will enter the race, I will already be ten steps ahead. Success only comes to those who are ready to put in the work and stay strong in the face of all troubles.

Q: What were the troubles that you’ve had to face?
Kanishk: See, I started at an age where parents – and the society – see school, coaching etc. as the only thing a child should focus on. But I thought otherwise, and I had to face a lot of unconstructive criticism. There was no one who wanted to support me – because they wanted me to fail. So I had to do everything by myself – I had to invest every little drop I had, all my time and effort was taken up in running the accounts, and I had to teach myself everything.

Q: Would you say that these struggles made you stronger?
Kanishk: Ofcourse! All the bricks that were thrown at me, I made a castle out of them. I had to prove my critics wrong – they motivated me.

Q: Any word of advice that you’d like to share?
Kanishk: An advice that really motivated me was, “Do what you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life”. I loved what I did, and I didn’t want anything coming between me and my passion. I had no complaints about working hard, and that gave me amazing results.

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