Imran Khan is praising India and his ministers are spewing poison, said- Hindustan in a few minutes…

New Delhi | Imran Pakistan India : Just as Pakistan is often mentioned in the politics of India, in the same way India is being talked about fiercely in the political upheaval of Pakistan. The opposition is constantly attacking Imran Khan for praising India. While Imran Khan praised India, others and his minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi are doing the work of spewing poison. Qureshi has said that on March 9, when the Indian missile fell in the soil of Pakistan, then we should have responded within minutes not hours. He said that India should never forget that Pakistan is a nuclear power and it is not easy to engage with it.

answer in few minutes

Imran Pakistan India : Last month, a missile from India had reached Pakistan by misguided. Speaking to this, Imran Khan’s minister Qureshi said that if we wanted, we could have given an answer to India in a few minutes. Qureshi said that India had accepted its mistake or else this accidental missile could have caused a major war. Qureshi once again threatened nuclear power and said that if we want, we can give an answer to India in minutes.

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Imran praised India

Imran Pakistan India : Usually Imran Khan has been seen spewing venom against India. Right now when his own chair is staggering, he is liking India’s foreign policy very much. While praising India, Imran Khan said that no power in the world can say anything to India because they have made such a reputation. He said that this is not the case with Pakistan as of now and they will have to do a lot of work. Let us tell you that the final decision on Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan can come because voting is to be held in the Parliament today.

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