If you order food online from Swiggy-Zomato, then there is more load on the pocket, you have to pay up to 60 percent more.

This was revealed in a survey conducted by the international organization Jefferies on 80 restaurants in eight cities of the country including Delhi.

Today, the use of technology has increased so much that people are getting things done sitting at home. These things also include the name of the food. But everything has a cost and you have to pay for online delivery too. So, if you order food from home-based food and drink apps like Swiggy-Zomato etc. then you will have to pay a surcharge of 10 to 60 percent .

Huge difference between food delivery apps and restaurant menu prices

Let us tell you that this has come to the fore in a survey conducted by the international organization Jefferies on 80 restaurants in eight cities of the country including Delhi. According to a report by Jefferies, there is a huge difference between most restaurant food delivery apps and restaurant menus due to high commissions and promotional costs. The dish which you eat in the restaurant for 100 rupees, you are getting the same dish on the food delivery app for 110 to 160 rupees. There are three main reasons for this difference in prices. These are packing, promotion and commission. About half the restaurants charge a packing fee, which is 4-5 per cent of the bill. The delivery charges are around 13 per cent of the price charged to the customers. Similarly, with food delivery apps, each restaurant has a different commission. The difference in prices has been observed due to these three reasons.

Price difference for most restaurants

Jefferies surveyed 80 restaurants in eight major cities across the country and compared food prices online and offline. In which the organization placed 240 orders ranging from Rs 120 to Rs 2800, which were ordered from various organizations. In the survey, 80 percent of the restaurants found a huge difference in the prices of online and offline dishes.

Online food expensive despite discount

Although there are a variety of offers on delivery apps, it is cheaper to go to a restaurant or bring your own. According to a report by Jefferies, online prices are usually discounted by about 10 percent. However, on an average these prices are 17-18 per cent higher than offline.

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