If you are unhappy with the photo of Aadhar card, then change your picture with these easy steps


Aadhar card has become very important for every Indian. It has become an integral part of every citizen’s life. Aadhar card is required to prove everything from bank account to your identity. But in India, the picture or picture that looks bad on the Aadhar card of most people is not actually there.

Most of the people do not like their picture in the base. If you also do not like your photo in Aadhar card, then this news is very good for you. Today we will tell you about the easy steps to change your photo in Aadhar card, using which you will also be able to put your favorite photo in your Aadhar.

There are two ways to change your photograph in Aadhar card. First, go to your nearest Aadhar card center to change the photo in which you have to pay a fee of Rs 50 and second, change the picture in the Aadhar card through post. For this you have to send the post to the regional office of UIDAI.

going to the nearest center

  • First of all open the official website of UIDAI on Google.
  • After this, the Get Aadhaar section will appear on the screen of the left hand side. From here you can download the Aadhaar Enrollment/Update Form.
  • Now fill the form correctly and then submit it to the Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  • Your fingerprints, retina scan and photograph will be re-captured at the centre.
  • As soon as the application for updating the photo is accepted, you will receive a URN or Update Request Number.
  • Through this number you can track your application online.
  • You will get a new Aadhar card with updated photo in about 90 days.

via post

  • You have to go to the UIDAI portal and download the ‘Aadhaar Card Update Correction’ form from there.
  • Now fill all the information asked in this form.
  • After this, write a letter to the regional office of UIDAI to update the Aadhar card.
  • Attach your self attested photo (by signing) with its letter.
  • After this, post both the form and the letter by writing the address of the office of UIDAI.
  • Within two weeks you will get a new Aadhar card with new photograph.

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