If you also use social media, then the central government has made a big announcement, many accounts have been banned


Social Media Accounts: These days the Central Government is banning many social media handles spreading rumors and false messages on social media. If you also use social media platform then this is important news for you. Minister of State for Information Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar said on Saturday that the government has blocked several social media accounts that had posted “fake and provocative” content on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Account operators will be identified soon
Chandrashekhar said that the operators of these accounts are being identified and action will be taken against them as per the law.

Know what kind of posts you are posting?
Amid widespread crackdown on the hate post, sources said the objectionable material acted upon pertains to a fake video of a cabinet briefing. This fake video posted on social media handles depicts violent content against the Prime Minister and derogatory statements against Hindu women.

has been banned
Chandrashekhar tweeted on Saturday, “Taskforce working for secure and reliable internet in the Ministry of Information Technology, handles that have tried to post inflammatory content on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have been banned. Is.”

Action will also be taken against violent videos
The minister said that those running such accounts are being identified so that action can be taken under the law. Chandrashekhar on Friday responded to a tweet requesting him to take action against the ‘makers of very violent videos featuring the Prime Minister’. The minister replied, “Work is in progress… The ministry takes very seriously the responsibility of keeping the internet secure and reliable and holding the intermediaries accountable for the content very seriously.”

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