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If only! Modi would work too!

This week, another wonderful dialogue was heard by Prime Minister Modi. I was very sorry to read the news and thought that if his government had worked even five percent on what he had said, then at least it would have been satisfied that the world would have known about Hindu politics, Hindu Idea of ​​India, if it was in the Sangh Parivar. Intellectual space’ is worth some intelligence. In the truth of the supremacy of English in the country’s intelligence, the Prime Minister said, ‘Why should the intellectual space be confined to a few people who know a particular language? The question is not only of emotion, but also of scientific logic. That is, of Intellect, the scope of expertise kept shrinking. Due to which the bridge of invention and innovation was also limited. The expansion of Indian languages ​​was stopped during the time of slavery. Modern knowledge-science, research was limited to a few languages. A large section of India had no access to those languages, to that knowledge. No Indian should be deprived of the best information, best knowledge, best skills and best opportunities just because of language, it is our endeavor. That is why we have encouraged studies in Indian languages ​​in the National Education Policy.

Awesome speech. If we look at this part of the speech given in the education conference of Varanasi, that the education policy of the British was to produce servants and we are changing it, then our question is, what is the evidence of the government doing something in eight years? Think, the entire government of India, BJP’s power in many states, but in eight years the Sangh Parivar has produced a single intellectual in Hindi, let alone Marathi, Gujarati, or Kannada languages? The Sangh Parivar will not know but should know that under Indira Gandhi’s rule, the Left made an infiltration, under the command of Education Minister Nurul Hasan, made their people sit everywhere in education, social institutions, arts and science, they got intellectual writing, book writing made. Whose mark was made in the world. Only then do the intellectuals of the world see India through their eyes and write.

What are such intellectual command in government, intellectual appointments in institutions? It is true that the Sangh-BJP have intellectuals, where are those appointments, whose writings and knowledge blossom. What happened in the last eight years? In any language like English, Hindi, Marathi etc., has there emerged even a single intellectual of the Sangh and Modi Raj, whose writings have made the objective, logical disclosure of the mind, thinking, thinking of Modi, Shah, the country and the world a reference? When the government is without ‘intellectual space’, its institutions are without intellectual mind and there is no intellectual work anywhere in eight years, then the country is not only intellectually bankrupt in English, but in Hindi it is full of misery. . Shame on the few faces and few subjects writing in Hindi on behalf of the Sangh-BJP family!

It is true that the British made slaves from the English. Made the education policy job-oriented. But what work did the government get done in Hindi to change that for eight years? How many books have you written? All the work in the government is still a priority for translation and translation of Hindi books in Hindi. The course books of engineering-doctoral studies in Hindi have been made in such a translated Hindi that the Hindi speaking youth will be beating their heads. In eight years, if the government had done the work of writing original books by giving money to five-eight Sudhijans, setting up their institutions and getting them done, something could have happened. ‘Intellectual space’ in Hindi can be made when there is a truthful discussion of intellectual magazines, think tanks and ideology. Publish readable, intellectual books, not sponsored biographies, propaganda books of Soviet times. At least textbooks should be written and made by law. How big a matter is that if the purpose of the new education policy is not of servants and jobs, then if it is told intellectually, then what will the youth become from the new education policy? Does the new education policy have an intellectual blueprint, its intellectual foundation?

However, there is still time. Narendra Modi should keep this sentence of Mahatma Gandhi in mind that ‘If I have dictatorial power in my hand, then from today I should stop the education of my boys and girls through foreign medium and get all the teachers and professors to change this medium immediately. Or get them fired. I will not wait for the preparation of textbooks. They will follow the change of medium’. In Hindi, ‘intellectual space’, not making a government servant, if Prime Minister Modi does anything, then any work will be recorded in the account permanently!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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