Hustle in Space! Solar storm moving rapidly towards the earth, there is a possibility of collision today

New Delhi | Solar Storm Collision: We have heard and read many times that, many types of developments keep happening in space continuously. Due to which many planets or small planets keep colliding with our earth or keep passing near the earth. Due to all these developments in space, there have also been reports of the possibility of the destruction of the Earth many times. Meanwhile, once again a similar news has come to the fore. According to NASA, after an explosion on the Sun recently, a solar storm has arisen in space and is rapidly moving towards the Earth. Today, it is feared that it will hit the Earth.

Solar storm moving towards Earth from March 14
Solar Storm Collision: According to NASA, 80 percent of the Earth is expected to be hit by a storm coming at a speed of 21,85,200 km per hour. In such a situation, scientists have warned that radio and GPS services may be affected in the morning and evening due to this solar storm. This storm coming this time is three times more dangerous than before. Since March 14, it is moving rapidly towards the Earth and it is expected to hit the Earth on Thursday.

Effect of satellite signal can be seen
Due to this movement in space, the outer atmosphere of the Earth will be heated and it will have a direct effect on the satellite. This can cause problems with GPS navigation, mobile phone signals and satellite television. The current in the power line can be high, which can blow transformers. However, this rarely happens. Due to the incident, there will be a bright glow in the sky of New Zealand and New York.

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