Husband and wife committed suicide by hanging in the same noose


Madhubani. In the Khajauli police station area of ​​Madhubani district of Bihar, a couple hanged themselves in the same noose. The reason for the suicide is said to be mutual dispute. According to the police, in Behta village, the husband and wife locked themselves in a room and committed suicide by hanging around their necks. The wife is said to be seven months pregnant. It is said that Raju Prasad Yadav (22) was married to Rani (20) only last year. According to the family members, there was a dispute in the early hours of Sunday over some issue and both of them gave their lives by hanging around their necks. No one was at home when this incident happened. Husband wife committed suicide

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Mutual dispute became the reason for the suicide, the woman was pregnant

The boy’s mother and sister had gone to their second house in the same village to deliver food to the boy’s father. When people returned to this house from there, the door of the house was closed. Even after giving a lot of sound, when the door did not open. After this, somehow after opening the gate, people went inside and found both hanging in the noose. After this it was informed to the police. Khajauli station in-charge Ajit Prasad Singh said on Monday that the police have taken both the bodies in their possession and sent them to the hospital for post-mortem. The cause of death will be known only after the post-mortem report comes. He said that an FIR of suicide has been registered on the statement of the mother of the deceased. Police is probing the whole matter. Husband wife committed suicide

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