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Human Intelligence: Wings First… Then Cages!

the tragic truth that the earth The eight billion people of the U.S. renounced our sovereignty and declared that we the people of such and such enclosure (195 countries) were adopted in our cages, Enacted and committed! Then what is special about man and his intellect? Every animal on earth is like this adopted in its society, enacted and surrendered. Similarly, chimpanzee groups are formed. The sheep keep offering themselves to their flock. pig, She goat, Cow, Just like a buffalo, the whole animal wealth was adopted from its enclosure, butchers leading a disciplined (allegedly safe) life, hunters, Standing in a queue in front of the contractors.

Humans and chimpanzees are twins. Both are creatures with 98.8 percent similar genes. Just like other mammals are animals, both live in a routine of eating, sleeping, thinking, communicating and bodily movement. Then why do humans seem different, different from chimpanzees? One reason is human selfishness. He considers himself Turam Khan. Secondly, the human body has indeed certain characteristics from the primates’ stage and gradual physiological changes. Just as every animal is unique with a special physical feature, so is the human identity. Like standing straight upright. His bare body i.e. uncovered by hair. Finger-thumb special design for hand use. The discovery and use of fire by him. Man is the leader of the animal farm of the earth by the ability of the children to grow up slowly, the habit of wearing clothes, shyness or expression, the female’s longevity even after reproduction and the ability to speak with the special structure of the throat. Obviously, the big role behind all this is that of the human skull. The brain (cerebrum) and the cerebellum behind it are amazing motors, due to which the chimpanzee instincts of humans gradually flourished and developed from the primates stage. Wings of curiosity were formed in the mind. Memory became imagination. The sense of selection arose in the senses of man.

The question is, how did human intelligence run faster than other animals? How did the twin brother Chimpanzee lag behind? Why is his mental development not like that of a human? One answer is a 1.2 percent difference in biological composition of genes. Secondly, the difference between the two can also be understood with the example of healthy versus mentally handicapped offspring from eggs of the same male and female. If biological variation in humans is scientifically true, even though biological composition is similar, then it is not surprising to see differences in attitudes, brains, mental activities of chimpanzees versus homo sapiens over millions of years of experience.

miracle of cerebral cortex

By the way, this wonder also has to be answered quickly by scientists. As scientists delve into the depths of genetics, human neuroscience is also trying to unravel the ultimate truth behind the fabrication of the unmyelinated neuron layer of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Cerebral cortex is the name of the crucial fine-tuned fabric of the human brain. It accounts for 80 percent of the brain mass. It contains some hundred billion neurons. Here is the motor of thinking, comprehension, reasoning-feeling-sensations, language, working complexities of action decisions. This area is only two percent by weight in the whole body, but it uses 25 percent of the energy of the body’s fuel in the work load.

Back to the question, how is human intelligence incomparable? Is this the result of some divine pastime? No, not at all! Second, we humans truly understand in self-indulgence that we are incomparable. From the point of view of the human intellect we admire, what heaven is there for the individual life of the biological body, which would see a chimpanzee peeing at the twin brother? On the contrary, he must have been inconsolable seeing the condition of human beings! There is no other animal on earth that has created a Cattle Class, a Business Class, a Pilot Class and an Einstein Class in its animal society. Man, despite having intelligence, does not believe that he has created hell for man. The fantasies of hell in the intellect are actually real tales of human beings making human life hellish on earth, tragedies, worries, insecurities.

Airplane of Wisdom and Truth

Think, what is the experience of the journey of Homo sapiens of the last five thousand years? He made the airplane, but is it not true that the majority of the eight billion people are walking on the earth wearing thongs? Among the fliers, how many passengers are in Cattle class and how many in Business class. How many pilots are mechanical human beings and how many are those few (a few hundred, in the number of thousand) intellect seekers, independent ascetics, from whose intellects the airplane was made! If we really weigh the good and bad experiences of the life of the eight billion people on earth and their ancestors and tighten them in the human idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence, what will be the result? The collective intelligence of man has caused more suffering to man. A distinction has been made between man and man. Different breeds, species have been formed in the animal instincts in humans. As a result, Earth’s Animal Farm is a vast human enclosure of many variations of the human species. Man created a world of exploitation, slavery, servitude, war, genocide, anxieties, insecurities, tribulations and strife. Whatever one believes, the reality is that human civilization is not civilized at all. Out of eight billion human beings and their ancestors, how many got the decent happiness and satisfaction of Devlok? How many human beings are living life with so-called human dignity, liberty and human rights. How many academically-culturally intelligent and gentle people are there?

The subject has shifted. The basic thing is the development of human enclosure from human intelligence. The enclosures are also for chimpanzees, animals. Every animal lives in its own peculiarities of biological creation. The specialty of Homo sapien’s journey of two lakh years is that it has been deceived in individual human nature and tendencies. Man has forgotten the personal life of his own self, his freedom, curiosity, memories, fantasies. He became the character of the story. Enslaved to stories. He started living life according to stories. The individual organic nature was suddenly transformed into such a collective thought that it became subordinate. Man, understanding the nature of other animals, tied his own siblings in animal behavior in his forest. After learning from animals and birds like sheep-goat, cow-buffalo, rabbit-turtle, lion, pig, wolf, bear, elephant-horse, dog-cat, snake, parrot, hawk, bird, crow and swan, man made their animals Adopted nature. He became the set of animal natures. If science tells that after seeing the violence of man, learning from him, under his influence, the ferocity and violence of chimpanzees has increased, then it is certain that after seeing such animals, the tendencies of man also changed while living among them. From the environment of the animal world, the evolution of the new genus Homo sapien was making its own cattle class. It is no wonder that all human civilizations have created so many realization stories from animals to humans. If human mind is made and deteriorated by education, then what would not have been the effect of animal stories on human instincts, intelligence?

A fine, important and crucial issue in this regard is how biological differences were created within human societies with the same biological composition. If man is superior among all animals, has intelligence, then is it not so that the DNA of all mammals (mammal) animals is in the skull of Homo sapiens? Man’s twin chimpanzee is not evil, lowly (evil) but is human, then this nature of man must have been stored in his memory from an animal. How are human beings with deep tendencies of insecurity and destruction? There are many discussions in the stories of how human beings were made into sheep and goats to become lions, kings and individual human instincts, but science is yet to be discussed. Only then it is very important that the truth of biological differences in the truth of genetic makeup should be revealed in detail!

homo sapien then and now

For the time being, it can be said that the journey of Homo sapiens is due to the biological composition and the force of the brain, then it is also from the human activities of the last six thousand years. To understand humans, it is necessary to divide the two million-year journey of Homo sapiens since primates into two parts. The first part is about the journey of individual human achievements of individual intelligence in one lakh ninety four thousand years. The second phase dates back to four thousand years ago in the region of Sumer, Egypt, after systems began to be built from the transformation of individual intelligence into collective intelligence.

The development of collective intelligence corrupts individual human behavior and intelligence. Four thousand years before BC, Homo sapiens was spreading human beings on the earth by the individual independent nature of its intellect. From fire, tools to hunting, animal husbandry, farming, copper, Bronze, Iron Age man, family, tribes, settlements, villages had made that development which was basically due to the flight of free-conscious wings of the swan-paramahansa . But after this the wings of the original instinct of independent consciousness were cut off from the beginning of the second stage. Man became part of collective flight. Systematic kings got killed by swords.? He became a victim of ruthless contractual practice by dividing him into different classes. Dependent and domesticated. His cages were made of many types of boundary walls. In them he was living a bonded life.

The logic behind everyone was that it is better for man to live in community. Be cultured. Find yourself Find your soul Make your arrangement. He learned to live the truth. like what? like an animal. Aristotle considered man to be a political animal because it was going to be understood that the transformation of collective life and then the manifestation of animal instincts in the interaction of human beings in it. Over time, sometimes the importance of human social animal and sometimes religious animal, sometimes racial, civilizational animal was explained in the walls and stories of man. People became sheep and goats living in stories. New development design of ownership and exploitation of their farms. Gradually, in the variations of the country, Homo sapiens adapted to the nature of living under cages.

man devoted to enclosures

It is the tragic truth that eight billion people of the earth give up our selves and declare that we people of such and such enclosure (195 countries) are adopted, enacted and surrendered in our cages!

Then what is special about man and his intellect? Every animal on earth is like this adopted, enacted and surrendered in its society. Similarly, chimpanzee groups are formed. The sheep keep offering themselves to their flock. Entire animal wealth like pigs, goats, cows, buffaloes, like this, leads a adopted, disciplined (allegedly secure) life from their pens, standing in a queue in front of butchers, hunters, sly contractors. Think, the life of the creatures whose collective nature of living in cages, enclosures, stories has become that of mechanical machine or that of cattle class, business class, pilot class, what does it matter. That’s animal life!

Certainly my discussion is a maze of negative consequences of human evolution. The heart-mind of man with memories of ego, self-indulgence and material achievements of achievements, machines, networks, colorful memories of feelings and experiences will not believe that the second stage of the journey of Homo sapiens is as bad as I have written above. The collective cerebellum of the human skull argues that the social animality of man creates waves of celebration, gaiety, ecstasy. Man is the victorious creature of the earth from political animalism. War may have killed millions of people, but every war is a spark of science-technology, competition and development. Think about how developments took place after the second world war. Where nuclear weapons are made, science is penetrating space. Similarly, if there is exploitation, then there is prosperity. Kubera is born from this. Demand-Supply Chakraborty is making all-round development at an increasing pace. Countries and enclosures are being named in the world. Happiness is happening.

Oops! Human intelligence is not the answer. Losing everything, five thousand years of subjugation, various experiences of animal instincts, and in spite of the deluge, the complacency that whatever it may be, he (man) settles in another planet, there he rises to the height of Everest to build his new cage. is on! (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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