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How will the friendship and enmity with China go on?

Narendra Modi continued to show friendship with China for the first several years after he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and then became the Prime Minister. Showing that, he kept a lot of friendship with China, only then Chinese companies were also invested in Gujarat. After becoming the Prime Minister, Modi swings Xi Jinping on the Sabarmati River Front. Later went to Wuhan for informal talks. Jinping came to India for the second informal talks and talks took place between the two in Mamalapuram. But what happened after that? In the first Doklam, China occupied India’s land. After that infiltrated into Eastern Ladakh and captured the land. Decades later, there was a military skirmish between the two countries, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galvan Valley. After April 2020, the whole situation changed. The armies of India and China came face to face in many places including Galwan to Pangong Lake, Depsang, Demchak in eastern Ladakh.

On one hand this situation. For two and a half years, there is a tremendous tension between the two countries, on the other hand, business with China is also increasing. For the first time, the trade between India and China has exceeded one hundred billion dollars. Last year i.e. in 2021, there was a trade of $ 125 billion between India and China, in which India’s trade deficit was $ 69 billion. In this, India imported $ 94.2 billion from China. It accounts for 15 per cent of India’s total imports. This year i.e. in the first half of 2022, India’s trade with China has been worth $ 67.08 billion. This means that last year’s business record will be broken this year. Think, on one hand China is encircling India from all sides, putting pressure on neighboring countries and making them against India, encircling India by increasing military strength on the border, and on the other hand India is increasing trade with it. . Even in that business it is not that India has an advantage. India has a big loss. India is importing almost four times as much as it is exporting to China.

On one hand there is the slogan of self-reliant India and on the other hand the country is becoming completely dependent on China. All the strategic experts of the country are criticizing India for this. Strategic expert Brahma Challani tweeted a figure from last year, in which he said that how will Prime Minister Modi justify that trade with China has doubled amid the ongoing standoff on the border? He said that between January and November of 2021, India’s trade deficit with China reached $ 61 and a half billion. He also told that this figure is almost equal to the total defense expenditure of India in a financial year.

So on one side there is border dispute and on the other hand there is trade with China. Similarly, on the one hand there are military and diplomatic talks to resolve the border dispute with China, on the other hand the Dalai Lama is being congratulated and at the same time there is a demand for Bharat Ratna to be given to the Dalai Lama by the parliamentary committee. So is China not understanding this? He knows how to deal with India. Simply India does not know how to deal with China. Therefore, India’s diplomacy, economic policy and strategic policy are all in confusion and on the other hand China is constantly besieging India.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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