How much will the state change in the wind of change

Bhopal. The winds of change are blowing somewhere in the country’s two major parties, BJP and Congress, in which the strategy of Mission 2023 and 2024 is included.
In fact, the Congress, which was once the largest party of the country, has been reduced to two states today, due to this situation there is a ruckus in the Congress for the class and a strategy has been prepared to change itself for the change in the 3-day contemplation camp of Udaipur, in which the party Now the path of struggle will love, from June 15, the party’s public awareness campaign is starting, as before, neither it will be easy to get a post in the party nor the criteria have been set for the ticket.

On the basis of the same, the party will get a post or ticket. The party will also give importance to the ethnic and regional balance. It will also form an alliance on a local basis. After changing the leader of the opposition in the state, the party will also take care of the equations in deciding the name for the Rajya Sabha and from now on on the basis of collective decision. But the party will be involved in the election preparations, the party has considered victory as the basic mantra for change or to return to power and the focus of the party will be on the election victory, it will also affect the politics of the Congress in the state. Leaders will be raised.

On the other hand, the ruling party BJP is also blowing the winds of change in the whole country. The party is leaving no chance for the rise of Hindutva. Emphasis is being laid on polarizing even small issues, and leaders of clean image are being brought forward, especially such leaders are being given opportunities, who have the ability and efficiency to win elections in any situation. Have a good image in the society, have good relations with the workers and the party will gradually sideline such leaders who ignore the general public and workers due to the arrogance of power. The necessary changes will also be stamped so that the party can go ahead strongly for the 2023 and 2024 elections.

Because this time the Congress is also gearing up for change, in such a situation, necessary changes are being made in the BJP, the effect of this change will be in the politics of the state, the state will be given representation in the appointments of national office bearers and 2 seats of Rajya Sabha. Equations will also be simplified in the state, from the expansion of the cabinet to the appointments of corporation boards and changes in the policies of the state officials can also be seen.

Overall, both the major parties of the country, who have actively engaged in the preparations for Mission 2023 and Mission 2024, are blowing ideological and organizational change in the Congress and how much will its impact on the politics of the state, it is time to come. Will tell

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