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How many people really died from Corona!

The question has become that how many people died in India due to corona virus infection? According to the official figures of the Government of India till the morning of Wednesday 20 April, five lakh 22 thousand six people have died due to corona virus infection. India is second only to the US and Brazil in terms of the number of deaths and India’s share is 12 percent in more than 62 lakh 28 thousand deaths worldwide. But did the same number of people really die in the two-year pandemic in India? This question is because the world is not accepting this figure. From the World Health Organization to all the scientific organizations of the world, journals, newspapers, magazines, non-governmental organizations are not accepting this figure. He estimates that eight times more than what is being reported in India, that is, about 40 lakh deaths have occurred.

Now the question is, how did the world come to this conclusion and how will the truth come out? For this, one has to first understand the difference between the global model of estimating deaths and the Indian government’s model. Keep in mind that the Government of India has removed the model of the World Health Organization ie WHO and other world organizations. But that is a government view, which needs to be considered objectively. The model of WHO or other global organizations is very simple. He took the average figure of deaths every year and put the number of deaths in the period of the corona epidemic against that. All the deaths that occurred during the Corona period more than the annual average figure of death were considered to be deaths due to corona. On the contrary, the government is considering only those deaths as deaths due to corona, in which the cause of death has been recorded due to infection of Kovid-19.

The Indian government is saying that the model of WHO is wrong but in reality the model of the government is lacking. The government is counting on the basis of the cause recorded in the death certificate. But everyone knows that death is registered or death certificate is made in urban areas in India. This is not the case even in small towns and cities. From above, in the corona epidemic, many times more people could not go to the hospital than the number of people who went to the hospital for treatment and died in their homes. Countless such deaths occurred in villages. The whole world has seen pictures and videos of bodies being buried on the banks of the Ganges or being shed in the Ganges river. Have all these deaths been recorded in the account of the government? Media, both domestic and foreign, showed lines of bodies outside crematoriums and reported waiting 24 hours or more for the pyre to be lit. Thousands of dead bodies were cremated by NGOs. When the space in the crematoriums of the cities became less, then people had to go to small towns away from the city and perform the last rites of their families. Such incidents and their media coverage also indicate that the real numbers are not what the government is telling.

The government is assuming that a person got corona infection and died within a certain period of time after the day the infection was detected, whereas he has actually died of corona. Can this give a real picture? Many people died several months after the corona infection was cured. People are still dying because of Long Kovid. Many people did not show symptoms of corona infection and died. Many people could not go to the hospital for treatment and died. Many people were suffering from other diseases, who could not find place in hospitals, could not get treatment and died due to corona epidemic. Shouldn’t all such deaths be written in the account of Corona?

Keep in mind that no single organization has concluded that there have been 30 or 40 lakh or more deaths in India. Different organizations have drawn their own conclusions using different methods and surprisingly each of the findings here states that there have actually been six to eight times more deaths than what is being reported in India. First of all, the world’s prestigious magazine ‘Science’ reported in January that there have been more than 3 million deaths due to corona in India. After this, another prestigious magazine ‘Lancet’ reported that there have been 40 lakh or more deaths in India. According to this, out of the ‘access deaths’ that have occurred worldwide, that is, more than the average deaths every year, a quarter of those deaths have occurred in India alone. According to this, more ‘access deaths’ have occurred in America, Brazil, Mexico and Russia than in India alone. There is also a conclusion about India’s figures that India has given eight times less than the actual number, while the global average is three times. That is, there have been three times more deaths than what has been reported in the world, while eight times more deaths have occurred in India than India’s figures. The third report is from the World Health Organization, which has not yet been published and which has been questioned by India. According to the WHO report, there have been more than 40 lakh deaths due to the corona virus epidemic in India.

It has become a trend in India these days that the figures of world institutions which do not suit themselves are rejected and in which the government is praised, it is praised. According to this trend, the figures of ‘Science’, ‘Lancet’ and WHO are being questioned. The question is whether the intellectual community of the whole world and world organizations are conspiring against India, which are exaggerating its figures? On one hand the people of the government tell that India’s prestige has increased in the world and now India is listened seriously and on the other hand they are saying that the whole world is conspiring against India? Both things cannot happen simultaneously. Actually this is not a conspiracy, but it is a reality, which has been evident from the assessment of some newspapers, magazines, NGOs etc. in India too. Therefore, India should accept the truth and provide relief to maximum victims’ families and make such a transparent system so that the credibility of the data is not questionable.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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