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Bhopal, According to astrological calculations in April, nine planets including Saturn, Rahu-Ketu have changed their moves and houses. All this will have an impact on both politics and society. Along with Congress, BJP will also not remain untouched by this. It has had an impact on the Madhya Pradesh Congress first. Former Chief Minister and Congress’s Mahabali veteran leader Kamal Nath has to leave the post of Leader of Opposition from the State Congress State President and Leader of the Opposition.

Senior leader Dr. Govind Singh has been made Leader of Opposition. After this, the time will tell how much Kamal Nath will be able to stand in front of the challenges regarding the 2023 assembly elections, but from now it is being said that the Congress needs a youth to work 24 hours. I am not an expert in astrology, but it is said that the movement of planets affects the society as well as those who do politics. Along with this, the right signs start getting before the change of planets.

Apart from astrology and planetary movements, if we try to understand the situation politically, there has been talk of handing over the reins of the state Congress to a younger and narrower active leader than Kamal Nath for a long time. Aziz Qureshi, who was a leader, has publicly talked about removing Kamal Nath from the post of Leader of Opposition and Speaker. The talk of party leadership change, which was made by a senior leader like Aziz Qureshi, actually expresses the sentiments of many Congress leaders and workers.

But Kamal Nath’s MLAs from Leader of Opposition do not consider complete change, they believe that the state Congress needs a president who should work for 24 hours for Congress’s policy, workers and public. The differences between Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh, who once worked as younger brother and elder brother in the politics of the state, had weakened Kamal Nath a lot, as a result, within two months, Kamal Nath had to leave the post of Leader of Opposition. And now along with strengthening the organization, to face the challenges from the BJP, there is a need for a brave and serious leader from Malwa or Bind region who can handle the state Congress, meanwhile Kamal Nath’s staunch supporter Sajjan Singh Verma indicated It is said that Kamal Nath ji is a senior national leader, his need for the party, apart from Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and the states in which elections are to be held.

It is being felt there that if it is discovered, then perhaps in the coming days, according to the requirements stated by Verma, the Congress can also entrust Kamal Nath with the responsibility of a national level, that means first from the post of Leader of Opposition and later as President of State Congress. In fact, in view of the assembly elections to be held next year and the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, the Congress high command wants to hand over the command of the state president to a strong leader associated with the public and worker in a big state like Madhya Pradesh. Former Chief Minister Narmada Yatri Digvijay Singh had done this work as a coordinator in the last elections. The result is in front of everyone.

After fifteen years, the Congress government was formed in the state, but as Chief Minister Kamal Nath and his advisors could not run the government. Kamal Nath was successful as an administrator, but as CM, he became the architect of the government, Digvijay Singh and the minister-MLAs and Jyotiraditya Scindia could not keep it together. The result is in front of everyone, the Congress government fell, the matter did not stop here, after this differences between Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh also started deepening. This thing came to the fore when Digvijay Singh was about to meet Chief Minister Shivraj Singh at the appointed time regarding a delegation of farmers.

But this meeting was cancelled. The reason behind that was given that why Kamal Nath was not informed or permitted earlier about the time taken by Digvijay Singh to meet Chief Minister Shivraj for the farmer delegation? Digvijay Singh and his supporters were exasperated by this. It was only after this that the distance between these two heavyweights of Congress started increasing.

All the information reached the Congress high command and in the meantime, political strategist Prashant Kishor in his presentation talked about handing over the command of the state Congress to the youth with one person, one post, and he got the support of almost everyone including party supremo Sonia Gandhi. It seems that in the coming days, the many changes that have taken place regarding Madhya Pradesh Congress will definitely reflect the thinking and contemplation of Digvijay Singh and his team. By the end of the year, it is quite possible that the state Congress may also get a new president.

In this, along with senior Congress leader Ajay Singh Rahul, son of Arjun Singh, the name of Arun Yadav Jitu Patwari is also in discussions. There the Congress can get help in stopping the BJP. Kamal Nath’s effect in Mahakaushal can be useful for Congress, Leader of Opposition in Chambal region Dr. Govind Singh can strengthen Congress in front of Scindia Digvijay Singh and his supporters in Malwa, Subhash Yadav, who was a strong leader of cooperatives in Nimar and tribal-dominated areas Son Arun Yadav can play an effective role, the Congress high command can unite all these and hope for good results in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Signs of change in the office bearers of Vishnu’s Ganas…

The meeting held in Delhi recently regarding Madhya Pradesh BJP is historic in itself. It has never happened that even the Sangh had a stake in the BJP meeting. The reason for this is said to be that the feedback received by the party high command is very worrying. In the ground zero report with the BJP, which tells the Congress to be on ventilator, the organization along with the MLAs and ministers is less able to connect with the workers and the public. In this, the pro-Scindia minister is also on target.

Everyone thinks that Modi’s magic will get him crossed in the assembly elections as well, but the information given by the Sangh along with the senior leaders of the organization Shiv Prakash and Murlidhar Rao to the central leadership of the BJP is certainly very shocking, which is the reason why the BJP In the important meeting, including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, state BJP President Vishnu Dutt Sharma, along with state in-charge Shiv Prakash Murlidhar Rao, senior leaders of the union also attended the meeting, indicating that the ministers who are not working may be bid farewell to some. Departments of the organization can be changed and the leaders who want to contest elections in the organization are also being advised to focus on the responsibility of the organization or on their constituency. One can be asked to choose one of the two jobs. This means that the coming few months will be going to increase the noise of BJP leaders.

Anuradha Shankar Singh and the Additional Director General of Police of half the population of Madhya Pradesh, Anuradha Shankar Singh, said on the neglect of employed women and providing basic facilities for them is in discussion these days. Recently, some questions related to exploitation and basic facilities were raised between more than a hundred women police officers and women police constables in the Police Headquarters. In this, the absence of washrooms for women on the VIP floor in Mantralaya is a matter of concern. This talk of neglect of women came into the limelight when CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was inaugurating 2 thousand 52 ambulances. In this, importance has been given to Janani Suraksha Yojana for women. Anuradha Shankar Singh, who was one of the favorite officers of CM, has expressed concern about women, especially women police, the government will definitely take a positive decision. Anyway, CM remains very cautious and sensitive on the issue of sisters and nieces.

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