How effective will the raid be in Bihar?

Central agency CBI on Friday registered a case against a total of 15 people including Lalu Prasad, Rabri Devi and their two daughters and raided 16 places including Delhi, Patna, Chapra. This case is from the time of Lalu Prasad’s railway minister between 2004 and 2009. The agency says that at that time Lalu Prasad took land in the name of his family members in lieu of recruitment of Group ‘D’ in the Railways. The agency says that a total of one lakh five thousand square feet of land has been given by different people.

The timing of this raid is astonishing. That is why it seems that the political activities going on in Bihar for the last few days also have some role in it. Last month, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attended an Iftar feast at Rabri Devi’s residence for the first time since leaving the RJD in July 2017. After that Tejashwi attended Nitish’s party’s Iftar party. After that Tejashwi met Nitish regarding the caste census. The conversation between the two took place in a closed room. Tejashwi stopped his agitation on Nitish’s assurance. Within a week, the Lalu family’s house was raided.

There was news in this whole incident that when Lalu Prasad returned to Patna, the two parties could reconcile. Next month, June 11 is Lalu Prasad’s birthday, which is set to be celebrated in a big way. For this he will go to Patna and there he is going to meet with Nitish. On the other hand, Nitish’s distance from his party leader and Union Minister RCP Singh, who is showing closeness to BJP, has increased and this time his Rajya Sabha seat is in danger. At such a time, the direct political connection of the raid on the Lalu family is visible. But if the political process has started, nothing much will be gained from such raids.

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