How did the insistence on changing face to ‘sedition’ trapped PFI? Read Inside Story

The PFI, which the era was thinking of as a new anti-national organization, is not a new organization. Its foundation was laid long back. Earlier on the lines of this organization, SIMI and Indian Mujahideen were formed to destroy the country.

Popular Front of India Organization

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On Thursday, raids on the bases of Popular Front of India (PFI) in 15 states of the country have broken the back of this banned organization. Till yesterday, the bosses of the organization, who are bent on committing treason, are unable to understand how they should save themselves and their loved ones now? Because these raids are not from the state police, where the henchmen of this infamous organization had always kept their grip strong. These raids have been carried out by the NIA and ED on the basis of the blue-print prepared by the Indian government by making impenetrable planning, the way out of which this banned organization and its masters does not seem to be a matter of. Since the raids, the operatives of this organization, who were arrested in two days, have started opening their mouths.

It has been learned that the PFI, which the era was thinking of as a new anti-national organization, is not a new organization. Its foundation was laid long back. Earlier on the lines of this organization, SIMI and Indian Mujahideen were formed to destroy the country. When Indian agencies destroyed them, they were saved from falling into the trap of Indian agencies in the same organizations. The traitors have now changed the face and name to create a dangerous organization like Popular Front of India ie PFI. Thinking that by changing the face, their crooked moves might not be caught by the Indian agencies. On Thursday, raids by ED and NIA took place in about 15 states of the country throughout the day, but every misunderstanding of this organization was cleared.

The infamous organization is PFI

Talking about this to TV9 Bharatvarsh on Friday night, Vikram Singh, former Director General of Police of UP and former senior IPS officer of 1974 batch, said, “Frankly speaking, this infamous organization was to be brought under control by such action. Look ahead, those who were making a dent in the peace and security of the country till now, those PFI people will now be looking for bills here and there to save their lives from being caught in the clutches of law. This organization had realized that the different police of the state would never be able to lay their hands on them and the central investigative agencies would have to do a lot of preparation before laying hands on them. In fact, in short, this infamous banned organization was well-known for the lack of consistency and uniformity in our agencies. That is why it used to carry out anti-national activities. Now all this will prove to be a dream for PFI.

The work of PFI is to break into the security of the country

Retired DCP Laxmi Narayan Rao (DCP LN Rao) of Delhi Police Special Cell says, “The manner in which the ED and NIA have laid a trap on the PFI on Thursday by besieging them. Now it will be very difficult for this anti-national and banned organization to get out of that trap. In fact, the police of every state was also waiting for such a big and joint operation. Now it is expected that the special powers and powers have been given to ED and NIA. Both the agencies are capable of conducting investigations even abroad. Taking advantage of all that, ED and NIA will now dig up the roots of PFI lying abroad. That’s what it should have been. This organization was not going to be controlled by any state police. This organization has always been doing the same thing by changing the name. The peace, security and sovereignty of the country should be breached in any way.”

Indian government should be weakened by any means

In response to a question, former Director General of Police of Uttarakhand Police and senior IPS officer AB Lal told TV9 Bharatvarsh, “Be it Indian Mujahideen or PFI formed around the year 2000 in and around SIMI. It’s all been one organization. Whenever Indian agencies destroyed a name organization, then this organization changed its name and face. But the task remained the same that the Indian government should be weakened in any way and peace system could be disturbed in the country. In this case, before now, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had got a big success in 2017-2018. When he had nabbed alive Abdul Subhan Qureshi, the kingpin of the infamous and banned organization from SIMI. I read in media reports that he was also called Osama bin Laden of India. After that the back of that organization was broken. Now this joint venture of ED and NIA (raid simultaneously on PFI bases in 15 states of the country on Thursday) will definitely break the back of PFI.


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