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How are humans civilized?

Whereas without man and society, it is not possible to solve the problems of the earth without being civilized and cultured. …but how does this work?, at any time in the history of civilization, scientific method to civilize man at any level, There was no rational attempt. Scientific methods of truth research did not pave the way for society and its development. The religious and political takeover of both human life and society was such that the intervention of knowledge-science and rationality in the making of civilized man was not possible.

Knowledgeable without being civilized!

There was a cognitive revolution in the human skull. Enlightenment happened. These made knowledge-science and progress possible. Despite all this, the light of wisdom (wisdom) did not ignite in the human mind. Man is not civilized. In the last three hundred years, human curiosity has come to know many imperceptible truths of nature but has not known its own truth! He and his society did not change the primitive nature of life. Due to science-technology, there was a tearful development, but the science of making humans civilized did not become. He was not free from animal instincts and biological differences. Human mind has become conscious, not rational. Science has increased man’s knowledge, his abilities, his power and enjoyment but with the primitives of nature. The Cognitive Revolution transformed the search for the wheel into the bullock-cart-aeroplane, and now the spaceship’s stage, but the human heart and mind are still engulfed in the hunger, fear and violence instincts of primitive cave life. Stuck in superstitions, fantasies, myths and ignorance. The mind could neither adopt the processing of discretion, rationality, rationality nor did it become intelligent and civilized in nature.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

That is why the puzzle is that in spite of the ultimate achievements of knowledge, knowledge, knowledge-science, how the personal, social life of man remains dry and rooted in understanding. Is. As if there is no relation between knowledge and wisdom! Only then does man misuse the development of science and technology more than he enjoys it. Instead of being civilized, he became savage, jihadist and fanatical. Philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote seventy years ago that ‘There is no doubt that the expansion of knowledge in our time has outperformed all previous ages, but wisdom is not increasing in proportion to it. … Wisdom means liberation, all kinds of tyranny. ) From’.

In fact, the liberation of the mind from all kinds of misfortunes, ignorance, superstitions, stupidity is possible only when there is a tendency to understand right and wrong in the personal life of people. The mind is rational. The mind understands knowledge and information in a broader perspective, in terms of life.

Being polite and intelligent are two sides of the same coin. Accordingly, with the increasing knowledge of progress and activities, understanding should have increased in human life. When Homo sapiens was leading a nomadic life, it was natural for both knowledge and wisdom to be modest. But after the formation of civilization, the situation changed. Human activities and knowledge expanded. The thought and ideas given by the philosophers, thinkers, sociologists were the priority of human life. In the last five-six hundred years, the discoveries and cognitive revolutions of Renaissance, Enlightenment and Devarshi scientists created the ground of knowledge from which many thought that the sophistication of the human mind was now sure. But the opposite happened. Every revolution of knowledge proved to increase the exploitation of man, inhuman life and the primitive tendencies of the mind. Because overall the human skull is beating in primitive attitudes.

No matter how much one calculates Homo sapien’s being civilized and knowledgeable, it is the fact that in the twentieth century human heart and mind have been born in the mindless thoughts, the genocide and the experiments which have been done in dictatorships, the result of which is the result of knowledge-science. Progress may be in disarray, but man is becoming increasingly unequal and uncivilized in his mind. In a very small proportion, there are a small number of people who are living a life of exceptional satisfaction with the development of civilization with a decent mind. Otherwise, in the twentieth century, there is no evidence of man being wild, barbaric, uncivilized, mindless, like never before in the entire five thousand years of civilization.

In many ways, the tsunami of knowledge has turned humans into ashes. After the Renaissance and Enlightenment or Enlightenment, many thinkers like Voltaire, Didero, Condorcet, etc., gave the ideas of social progress, human mind to knowledge and inspiration along with scientific progress. Tried to get rid of superstitions, dictatorship, injustice, intolerance from the mind. Suggest ways to increase rationality in personal and social life, emphasizing generosity, openness, reasoning and intelligence. The most important suggestion was that the enlightenment of the people is possible only when social science develops like natural science. Francis Bacon urged that work should be done on improving knowledge of the natural world for social progress.

science in sociology

Complex idea. The rough suggestion is that if human beings are to be civilized to make a civilized world, then social progress and their subjects should adopt the methods of science. Work in a goal-oriented mission in social issues as well. Instead of knowledge of how the society developed, it should be a scientific mission of how the society progresses. In social science, ‘scientific rationality’ should be promoted in teaching-learning. The academic world should not only prioritize the pursuit of knowledge, knowledge, but should also focus on increasing civilization and wisdom among humans. Through rationality in the problems of life, the common sense of knowledge came into the mind. This is necessary because knowledge-science has greatly increased the powers of man. The powers to destroy humanity from this are unprecedented and terrifying. Only then making human beings wise and civilized is the primary need of global knowledge.

But is there such thinking anywhere? Every person, every society not only considers himself to be civilized-savvy, but has also taken the wildness of making the rest of the world like himself from the realization of Vishwa Guru. Next to this trend are the material achievements of science, the so-called intelligent world and the tsunami of knowledge meaningless.

The use of knowledge-science, material progress is one thing. Productivity, prosperity, enjoyment of technology is one thing but development of civilized, intelligent man and social life is a different thing. It is one thing to be proud of the knowledge and use of nuclear energy, but if it is not used in the civilized human behavior of understanding, then how disastrous will that knowledge be? Every man has a smartphone, social media in his hand with science-knowledge, but because the mind is full of ignorance, then the crusade is also being fought with new knowledge-technology and development, at the core of which are fiction stories.

Progress is a fact. Theoretical progress of knowledge science is flying man in space. Similarly, creative, aesthetic and artistic development is also unprecedented.

multiple ledgers

At the time of the Roman civilization, the average life of a man was twenty-five years. Now life expectancy is between 60 and 90 years according to the happiness of the countries. The rich and noble man of the earth is taking that opulence, enjoyment, fun, anand, happiness, beyond which even heavenly fantasies will fall short. The conclusion of the last five thousand years is that out of the hundred billion people who have lived on earth, all the noble representatives who were human beings lived life to the fullest and are still living today. Because of that their books of account are different. Therefore, the ledger of civilization is not the same. There are many. One account is of nobles, shepherds. The second slave, the domesticated, belongs to the cattle class of sheep and goats, while the cubs have a different account. These different accounts of human beings are also the product of civilization. As much as you think on this, it will not be understood that civilization is for all human beings or whether it is not a project to divide human beings, to create different experiences of caste, creed, boundary walls etc.

Overall, how to be a civilized human being? Whereas it is not possible to solve the problems of the earth without human and society becoming civilized and cultured.

But how do this work? Especially when many civilizational enclosures have been built within the civilization itself. It’s about the clash of civilizations. There is a crusade, there are racial strife. Humans have conflicts of different identities, so how is it possible that every human skull on earth becomes a project to be wise-civilised? What should happen so that people all over the world start living life in the habit of knowing the truth by distinguishing between good and bad logically in the mind?

Believe it or not, but civilization has made man a pet langur. He himself is the razor in his hand with which to injure both himself and humanity.

In fact, never in the history of civilization has there been a scientific, rational attempt to civilize man at any level. The scientific methods of truth research did not lead the society and its development on the path of progress. The religious and political takeover of both human life and society was such that the intervention of knowledge-science-rationality was not possible in it. There was no chance of redressing the innate flaws of human nature. Religion and politics did not understand its need because it is in their interest that the human mind should remain as it is, only then religion-politics and elite civilization have a chance.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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