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New Guidelines For Home Isolation: Amidst the increase in corona cases, the central government has announced changes in home isolation rules for mild and asymptomatic infected. According to the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a patient under home isolation will be discharged after 7 days of testing positive. According to the data, in the last 9 days, the cases of corona in the country have increased by more than 6 times. Corona cases have doubled in just four days. The cases of Omicron variants have started doubling in three days. The Ministry of Health is also concerned that the devastation caused by the Delta variant in India was not caused by the Delta in South Africa. In such a situation, what will be the condition of Omicron in India, it is not clear.

The new guidelines state that home isolation will end after at least 7 days after being found corona positive and no fever for 3 consecutive days, but such people will continue to wear masks. There is no need to get the EST done again after the period of home isolation is over. Infected people have been told not to take steroids and not to get chest X-ray and CT scan done without doctor’s advice.

There is a significant number of comorbid patients who are already suffering from serious disease in the country. In such a situation, with increasing cases of corona, the pressure in hospitals will also increase. Therefore, a new guideline for home isolation has been issued. During home isolation, the infected person will have to be in contact with the treating medical officer. If his condition worsens, he must be informed immediately.

The Center has asked the states to keep the control room clean. The work of the control room will be that when the health of the home-isolated patient deteriorates, then arrangements should be made to get him admitted to the hospital immediately. In such a situation, from ambulance and testing to easily getting beds in the hospital, it will also be the work of the control room to see.

New Rules

, Elderly patients will be allowed home isolation on the advice of the doctor.

, Patients with mild symptoms will stay at home. It is necessary for them to have adequate ventilation i.e. in a well ventilated room.

, Corona patients have been advised to wear triple layer masks.

, The patient should take more and more liquid diet.

, HIV infected, transplant and cancer patients can be kept in home isolation only on the advice of the doctor.

, Only asymptomatic and mild-symptomatic patients whose oxygen saturation is more than 93 percent will be allowed to go into home isolation.

, Mild and asymptomatic patients will have to be in constant touch with the district level control room. Control rooms will be able to provide them testing and hospital beds on time if needed.

, Corona infected are forbidden to take steroids. CT scans and chest X-rays will not be done without the advice of a doctor.

see a doctor immediately

, If the fever is more than 100 degrees continuously for three days.

, If it is difficult to breathe, shortness of breath starts after walking for a while.

, The oxygen level in the body drops to less than 93 percent.

, The breathing rate becomes 24 per minute.

, Feeling of constant pain or pressure in the chest.

, There was a state of mental confusion.

, Have severe fatigue and body pain.

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