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think, On the five thousand years of man in the millions of years old history of the earth! What is the squeeze of these five thousand years, What is the bottom line of the so-called human civilization, three truths. Human beings keep fighting with each other continuously. Make up false stories and live life in them! The construction of all kinds of cages for life and the life of modern man in them!… If we classify all events, then Homo sapiens is literally a hunter-gatherer (war), tolls (arrangements), Country, cages), Gapod stories (ego, Religion), The manufacture of tools (from stone weapons to nuclear weapons) will be classified into five-eight classes.

Doomsday Estuary-20: History is the truth of man. The blunt truth of his animals. How? It is a common belief that being a human being, his identity is the mind. Think then, how was human history to be written? The thoughts, ideas, dates and achievements of the ascetic seekers of the human mind were to be written. But what is mentioned in human history and its timeline? Dates of Battles Born of Animal Instincts! The alleged civilizational life of man dates back to the first human settlement of Mesopotamia in 5,500 BC. What are the dates for the 7,720 years since then? Who became the king, who won and who lost? Who enslaved whom and how many people died. The figure is that in the last 34 hundred years, only 268 years were of peace. Human beings were not fighting for only 268 years.

Just compare the origin and history of the earth and the animals it created (human among them). Millions of years old history of the existence of the earth is authentic. In this history, all the creatures of biomass, from turtles to dinosaurs, humans etc., were born on the earth. Many animal species in them became extinct in the surrounding conditions. According to the history of the earth, the biological composition of man, Homo sapien is two million years old creation. In this the modern agricultural life of humans is only eight thousand years old. The history of its systems and civilization is hardly four-five thousand years old.

Think, on the five thousand years of man in the millions of years old history of the earth! What is the essence of these five thousand years? What is the bottom line of so-called human civilization? three truths. Human beings keep fighting with each other continuously. Make up false stories and live life in them! Manufacture of all kinds of cages for life and human life in them!

repetition constant

Only then the history that man has written is meaningless. The word history itself is wrong. History, i.e. “History” is not meant to be a place-subject, chronological description of events. What is the benefit of this to man? This history only tells that man makes mistakes again and again. Man is that animal whose primitive hunter-gatherer nature, wild behavior is permanent. The repetition of that behavior is continuous. If humans were different and special from Kingdom Animalia, would they be repeating the same mistakes, arrangements, stories over and over again as animals do in their natures?

Therefore, history does not repeat itself, but the nature of man repeats itself in animal mechanics.

History of the arrangement of enclosures, clan chiefs, kings and queens, wars, tool making and their use The events of the hereditary past of chimpanzees are repeated. So if science and psychology are the revelation of man’s animal behavior, then the memory of that animal behavior is history. History is an indirect tale of evolution from hereditary DNA and their evolution to their surroundings. What is this human development for? Isn’t he the destroyer of war, the creator of false stories, cages and ashes?

essence of history

History is the story of the events of human behavior. If we classify all the events in the timeline of history, then Homo sapiens are literally hunter-gatherers (wars), hamlets (systems, countries, cages), grotesque stories (ego, religion), tools (from stone weapons to nuclear weapons). Will get classified into five-eight sections of construction. The aggregate of the entire history is that in the development of civilization, not only did man become a Bhasmasur for each other, but he also became a Bhasmasur for the earth. To be civilized then, what builds civilizations? am i wrong?

The question is, what has man made in five thousand years, which has increased the beauty of the earth? Earth’s longevity, has its health increased? Only then, if philosophers think of the answer to the question of man being born evil or good in the context of the earth, then it will be that man is primarily the biggest evil creature on earth!

And the dates of history are proving this truth.

That is why the crisis of the 21st century is ‘human’. The person, whose behavior is drying up the life of the earth, whose ‘traces’ of the past are constantly creating great discord and wars among humans. Both the DNA of the skull and the hereditary memory have made man suicidal and Bhasmasur. Then civilizational conflict is inevitable. The majority of the eight billion people have to continue to live unclaimed lives, the same earth has to move in the direction of fluttering death!

But the human mind does not believe so. Its history sees the progress made by the sticks of battles. His arrogance of becoming superior is the development of nuclear weapons and energies. He no longer eats orangutans of the root-root, but fills his stomach with a plate of fifty-six bhog. His primitive tool making, his wheel is now converted into a vehicle to build a man planet in space.

All right! Despite this, think about what in the condition of human’s personal life? Aren’t the majority of twenty-first century humans living in fear, hunger, lies, and darkness more than a primitive state?

Have the 108 billion people who lived on earth so far found heaven?

It is a fact of history that Homo sapiens kept increasing in numbers. He grew in size, shape, number and variety and variations of skulls. But people have not experienced heaven! They did not get freedom from hunger, fear, lies and darkness! Seven thousand years or five, three, two thousand years ago there were fifty lakh, crore, two crore human beings on the earth, then what life with less hunger, less fear (of a king or sword) and more relaxed and contented than today? Wasn’t alive? If gradually human evolution took place in Darwin’s theory of evolution, then where is that development, which would have changed the original chimpanzee instincts, attitude and made man happy, intelligent, truthful nature? Can anyone claim that earlier the life of such a percentage of human beings was unclaimed and suffering in cages, whereas in the population of eight billion people of the twenty-first century, a smaller proportion of people are unhappy than then!

The truth of the last two and a half hundred years of the ultimate splendor of logic, reality, development is tragic. Due to the leaps of development, the life of both the earth and man has come in the red zone. In the population of eight billion, 95 percent of humans are living inhuman life. The parameters of human life in the identification of separation from animal are 95 percent of the human population living in the same suffocating conditions as people lived in the medieval period.

History does not repeat, but in history, man lives his life only in the line following it. His brain retains the memory of the past, hereditary DNA. There is a nexus between the past and humanity. Where a man goes, whatever happens, his reason, with him and in the end destiny, DNA, nature and history are all decided. Only then does the matter of fate and destiny seem automatic by human nature.

The great blunder of thinkers!

For millennia thinkers, philosophers, theologians, historians have been thinking on man. How cultured, civilized and humane is he? How did he become a free-spirited human being freed from the nature, remains, cages of the wild state? And because of this, the thinkers did a great blunder. Instead of making the real development of the human mind, making their wings, they made its fetters. Thinking of magic tricks to control, cure human beings and made religions and systems out of them. Create power-mantras. Story, made stories of heroes-villains, branches-branches of Dev-Asuras. As a result, the history of man versus man fighting, dividing, disorienting, master-slave and empire-civilization dates back to history.

Not surprisingly, the crowd of eight billion people is breathing in the differences. Most people have their wings clipped. They have a tendency to pet life. The individual and collective consciousness of man is rooted in the mind, instinct, custom. Certainly Darwin’s evolutionism is a wonderful thesis of the original human chimpanzee becoming a physical human. But there is no contemplation on this aspect that in spite of all the efforts to make the human consciousness perfect, why is man not perfect, perfect human being in the senses?

History is an interesting subject. In this man is the secret of nature and existence. The question is, how is the history that is full of dates of human binding, battles, destruction? Keep in mind, due to wars and battles, the primitive DNA of man i.e. fear, hunger-greed, arrogance, falsehood grew progressively.

India caught in history

Consider India as an example. The population is steeped in history. The nature of people is influenced by stories, experiences and out of mind the marks made from them. Because in the known history of two and a half thousand years, people lived in stories, battles and slavery. The essence of all the India theories and beliefs of history is that human life was unclaimed even in the chaotic-dark era, so even in the Ashwamedha Yagyas of the glory period, there was no thought of making this world into heaven. Whatever it was, it was the contemplation of the hereafter or of escape and detachment. From the Ramayana-Mahabharata to the battles of kings and kingdoms and relying on the incarnation of God, the life of man was Kali-yuga. When the series of foreign invasions started one and a half thousand years ago, after that, what happened in India which has not happened anywhere else in the entire human history. People have been living hundreds of years from the sword, slavery, cages and shackles of the government in constant hunger, fear, devotion, chakri, the blessings of Mother-Baap Sarkar. India’s present is only in the history of exploitation, loot, wounds and their traces. The number one example on earth of how human beings have lived a consistent life in the hereditary, historical experience of DNA and attitude is the 140 crore people of India.

Similar Islamic countries and 1.90 billion Muslims have lived in history. At the same time, one and a half billion Chinese have also stuck to the time when the story of China being the Middle Kingdom of the earth was made. Keep in mind the story means war and man vs man fight. ownership or slavery. exploitative and exploited. In other words, the history on which Homo sapiens plays in rhetoric like civilization.

No wonder the man who is now making the earth a part of his history. Man is destroying by his behavior, from which the end of the earth’s clock is coming. Scientists, thinkers and visionaries have started making those time capsules, those timeless clocks, so that even when the earth and human civilization end, they can continue in the memory of this world. It is interesting to think that some mechanical objects should preserve the memory of man and the earth even after the Holocaust. Means keeping history alive mechanically.

This is how man has behaved with himself and with the earth for five thousand years. Humans have always remembered mechanical expressions that date back to history. Without this realization, without the understanding that all these dates are events, they are meant for the nature of the mind. Most of the human beings dealt with history without understanding and without understanding. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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