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Hindu Idea of ​​’Rule of Law’!

Congratulations. We Hindus are now carrying world icons. The world is enchanted by our gravity. Britain’s Boris Johnson also could not stop himself. As soon as he reached India, he climbed on a bulldozer and instilled in his mind the bulldozer model of the gravity of the Hindus. Think how late the fools who have not already caught the mantra of ‘Hindu Idea of ​​Kanoon’! I request you all, that they should find out and tell whether the idea of ​​a bulldozer in a democratic or law-ruled country has ever shown the pretense of rule of law? I do not see any incident in any country in the last fifty years in which governments have tried to bulldoze justice in ‘no-go zone’ areas, to expel heretics, expatriate communities, to terrorize or to avenge history Ho!

That is why the world has got the essence of the Ganges of knowledge of the Hindus! If the country is to be made safe, it deals with Muslims and Islam and anti-nationals and anti-nationals, then being bound by the rule of law is disastrous. Set aside the law and keep it in the books. Create an agenda for the land. Instill the spirit of the patriots. They would go into the ‘no-go zone’, waving swords, shouting on the day of the festival, and do what makes the heretics-migrants-outsiders agitated and just hit the road. Then the bulldozers and the heretics tremble while repenting of the homeless and ruin!

stunning! There is a right to processions and processions under the rule of law, so there is a right to slogans and all the excuses to run a bulldozer. But with this model, how can a patriotic, patriotic government without violence, without genocide create fear among the migrants-communists, displace them, drive them away, where did the world know its idea before? Think, if Idi Amin had come to know this idea in the eighties, then what method would he have adopted to make a soot of genocide to drive away Hindus-Gujaratis from Ugada? He was driven away by bulldozers. How easy it is to bulldoze the issues of race, religion and history without citing the law!

The biggest advantage of this Guru Mantra is not only the power, the government and the leader and the people getting strength continuously, but also the continuity in their aims and goals!

So who in the world will adopt the ‘Guru Mantra’ of India? Many are needed. There are frequent WhatsApp messages from devout Hindus that Britain will become Muslim after so many decades. France, Holland, Belgium and many countries in Europe have such ‘no-go zones’ of migrant refugees, infiltrators, Muslims where the police are afraid to go. The Muslims in France have become so much that the issue of hijab has been covered even in the latest presidential election. Meaning Islam and immigrants in democratic, law-abiding countries threaten the country’s core fabric. In fifty-hundred years there will be more than Gauro Muslims-Hindu-Africans, then the people of the world should adopt the bulldozer philosophy of the Hindus!

Think, right wing, racist Gaurs and their leaders (what to say if there is a President like Donald Trump!) If Hindus adopt the idea of ​​law, then how soon Pakistani, Hindustani, Gujarati will start running away from the South Hall of Britain. For example, in Jahangirpur, stalls, goods, balcony encroachments are made on the sidewalk, raw constructions are made in front and behind the house and shop, then in the year-long bulldozer campaign, whether it is Hindu-Muslim areas of Britain or New Jersey of America, Canada’s Vancouver to Malaysia All Hindu areas of , Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia would be bulldozer labs by terming them as dangerous ‘no-go zones’.

In the system of dictator countries i.e. Dubai, Gulf, Islamic countries, the Hindu rule of ‘bulldozer’ has no meaning because these countries have decrees and swords. In these countries (as in the experience of Uganda) the edict can immediately drive out heretics, infiltrators, migrants.

That is why the importance of the ‘Bulldozer model’ of Hindu political philosophy is the guru mantra for the democratic countries of the world. Being a democracy, how to create fear while being the rule of law, how to settle the truth of the past with modern tools, system and majority of votes, all this will be so easy with this model. How easily the awareness of a future threat is formed. Spontaneous spreading of poison from house to house, then waving poisoned arrows, swords on the streets. The utility, imperative and new brands of the bulldozer will be created on its own. Modi Brand, Baba Brand, Mama Brand, Jhadu Brand, Bangla Brand….. Who says India is not a world guru and a knowledgeable superpower!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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