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Today, the increasing trend and global form of Hindi language has exposed many possibilities of employment.

Alok Ranjan Pandey

Today, the increasing trend and global form of Hindi language has exposed many possibilities of employment. Hindi is being seen from a new perspective due to its increasing acceptance and applicability in various fields. Certainly the market has a huge contribution in this regard.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the country on 14 September. On this day in 1949, Hindi got the status of an official language in the Indian Constitution. That is why we remember Hindi a little more on this day every year. Since Hindi is the language of the heart, the language of the senses, the language of living, the language of culture, the language of connecting the society, the mother tongue, how can there be only one day for such a language! Just as a house without a mother, family and children of that house is incomplete, in the same way India and Indianness are incomplete without Hindi language. To remove this incompleteness, we have to live in Hindi and that too not for show, but to connect it with the heart.

In today’s time, for the survival of a language or dialect, it is not only necessary to make literature but also to make it the language of business, science and employment. The language which is not able to give employment to the common man, gradually gets reduced to a narrow scope. The biggest reason for English being an international language is business. There are very few people who learn a language as an amateur. Most people learn another language for some professional reason or the other. Today Hindi language and literature has got a global form.

According to a UNESCO report, Hindi language is present in about one hundred and thirty-seven countries of the world. The total number of Hindi speakers is estimated to be one hundred crore. There are countries like Nepal, China, Singapore, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Tibet, Bhutan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives etc., many of which were part of Greater India. Hindi speaking families are residing here generation after generation. The languages ​​of Nepal are the languages ​​of Hindi. The situation in Burma and Bhutan is also similar. Urdu and Bangla which are prevalent in Pakistan and Bangladesh. If they are written in Devanagari, they will not seem different from Hindi. The Urdu spoken in Java, Sumatra and Indonesia, if written in Devanagari, is Hindi. Most of the people of Dubai not only understand but also speak Hindi.

Hindi seems to be keeping pace with the age of science and technology. Whenever the language expands and develops, a vision gets added to it and that is the employment potential. Today, the increasing trend and global form of Hindi language has exposed many opportunities for employment. Hindi is being seen with a new perspective due to its increasing acceptance and applicability in various fields. Certainly the market has a huge contribution in this regard. Translation technology is developing due to the desire to acquire knowledge. With the adoption of Khari Boli as the official language by the Indian Constitution, the traditional form and study of Hindi has become practical. Every living language has scientific, technical and entrepreneurial potential, its utility also has potential. These possibilities are there in Hindi also.

There are many employment opportunities in Hindi today. It has been made mandatory for all government officials to use Hindi along with English in their offices. It is mandatory to make and issue orders, rules, notifications, reports, press releases, tenders, contracts and various formats in Hindi. It simply means that Hindi officers, translators, managers, sub-managers are being kept in all the departments, sub-divisions of the Central Government and the State Governments. Hindi Officer posts have been created in all nationalized banks.

In order to increase banking business in the private sector also, local people are being recruited and trained to work in the local language in the suburbs and rural areas. Apart from this, translation is becoming the biggest employment today. There is a great demand for translators not only in literary books but also in media, film, public relations, banking sector, advertising etc. We watch the original English programs of all the channels on TV in Hindi everyday. Viewers and readers get this facility only through translation. That is why today there is a great demand for translation from English and other languages ​​to Hindi.

Advertising has become an integral part of today’s human life. Modern electronic media has created a kind of revolution in the business of advertising, which we realize from the huge expenditure on advertising in the last years. The advertising business in India is more than thousands of crores of rupees. In this also the market of advertisements in Hindi has increased rapidly. Especially the states of North India, which are called completely Hindi speaking states, the advertising market is occupied by Hindi. Business wise, there are more than 800 recognized advertising agencies across the country. Today, the Indian advertising industry has carved a niche for itself in the international fora, even though it has had to come a long way to reach here. Therefore, there are many areas in the world of advertising in which new employment opportunities are always being created and now a lot of possibilities have emerged for Hindi speakers.

Journalism has emerged as an attractive employment option among students studying Hindi. At present, more than two thirds of the most read newspapers and most viewed news channels are in Hindi language. Apart from news channels and newspapers, there are many Hindi channels and magazines which are giving opportunities to the deserving candidates. There are many employment opportunities in newspapers, magazines, news channels etc. In the field can work as reporter, press photographer, editorial department as sub-editor, copywriter, announcer. Apart from this, radio jockey is such a career in which your voice is heard in the country and the world. Blog writing is also a great example of these options.

Many private courses of online Hindi teaching are being seen as important efforts towards self-employment. The utility and imperative of Hindi is increasing day by day in communication-information technology, providing employment to more and more work-able youth. Online buying and marketing and writing in Hindi for Wikipedia is providing opportunities for creative satisfaction as well as financial gain.

The business of big industry groups may be run in English, but Hindi is also present with full respect in these corporate offices. Knowledge of English is mandatory, but there is a special place and golden opportunities for advancement for those who know Hindi. Most of the public relations companies do the work of corporate communication. It will be surprising to know that in 2016 the turnover of public relations companies in the country was 1120 crores and by 2020 it is estimated to increase to 2100 crores. Obviously, this is a golden zone for Hindi people. That is why there is no doubt that Hindi has the power and on the basis of this Hindi, we can make a big difference in the world.



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