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Hijab: Why carry grass on the deer?

These days the debate is going on in the Supreme Court whether Muslim girl students of Karnataka should wear Hijab or not? The High Court justified the ban on the hijab. The debate here is not whether it is appropriate to wear a hijab or not? To wear or not to wear only schoolgirls is the question. The first question that should arise on this issue is why should the hijab be worn? Should it be worn because women of Arab countries used to wear it one and a half thousand years ago?

Why should the women of India imitate him? If our girls imitate those Arab women, will they become better Muslims? Our Indian Muslims also think that if they dress like Arabs, have a beard, wear a cap then they will become better Muslims. My submission is that it is not necessary to imitate Arabs to be a better Muslim. It is necessary to follow the best teachings of Quran Sharif.

I consider our Muslims of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran etc. as the best Muslims in the world, because they have got thousands of years of Arya-sanskar tradition, whereas before Prophet Muhammad the whole Arab world was engulfed in darkness (Jahlat). But as far as the hijab is concerned, it is neither a burqa nor a niqab! He doesn’t even hide his face. It is like the Hindu turban, the Sikh turban and the Christian cross.

That’s why there should be any objection to it but my question is also that if hijab, niqab and burqa are compulsory for Muslim women then why should it not be compulsory for Muslim men also? Why this difference when women and men have equal rights? By the way, the hijab is similar, as Hindu women used to wear veils. Both the options of hiding or showing the face in the veil or veil are open, but the Hindu social reformers campaigned fiercely against the purdah system and its impact also became widespread.

The Muslim leaders and Maulanas of the country should oppose sticking to these outdated practices and teach the lessons of modernity to the Muslim women of India. The veil and hijab on Hindu and Muslim women is the same as putting grass on a deer. As far as Muslim girl students are concerned, there is no point in imposing hijab on them.

The purdah or hijab is usually done by married women, why should this burden be imposed on the school girls? Here the question is not about protecting religious symbols, but whether it is necessary to religiously dress the worn-out social traditions?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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