Hijab controversy: Girls appearing for class 10th examination wearing hijab, 7 teachers got jobs…

Bangalore | Hijab controversy Karnataka : The Hijab case, which started from Karnataka, is making headlines across the country. In this case, even after the decision of the Karnataka High Court, the matter has continuously reached the highest court of the country. In such a situation, controversies related to hijab are still coming to the fore. Seven teachers have been suspended in Gadag district of the state for allegedly allowing hijab-wearing girls to appear in class 10 board exams. Education Department sources gave this information. Suspended teacher CS Patil was the examination supervisor in the school. He said that two other teachers who were center superintendents have also been suspended.

The government gave these arguments

Hijab controversy Karnataka : According to the information given by the government in this matter, the action was taken because it was against the order of the Karnataka High Court. The court had dismissed the petitions of Muslim girls of Udupi Government Pre-University Girls College. The girls had challenged the government order banning the hijab or any clothing that disturbs peace, harmony and public order.

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40 girl students left the exam

Hijab controversy Karnataka : The High Court had said that hijab is not a necessary religious practice and students have to follow the rules of school uniform. Dissatisfied with this decision, the girls have reached the Supreme Court. The news is going on that around 40 girl students have not even appeared for the exam this time to show their protest against the decision. Whereas the government had made it clear that the examinations would not be re-conducted under any circumstances.

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