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High BP Ko Kaise Control Kare: Due to bad living and not eating properly, many types of diseases surround. One of these diseases is the problem of high blood pressure ie BP. About 33 percent of urban people while 25 percent of rural Indians are suffering from hypertension. Let us tell you that hypertension is a scientific term that is used to address high blood pressure.

It is very important for a healthy body to have correct blood pressure, if the range of its readings on the BP machine is continuously going up and down, then you should be alert. Because both the rise and fall of BP are worrisome. Today we will tell you about high blood pressure, how you can control BP by changing your lifestyle-

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Know what is high BP

Hypertension is related to the heart. The heart does the job of transporting clean blood to all the cells of the body and then after using the clean blood by the organs or cells, sending the bad blood back to the kidneys and lungs. When everything is right, the blood pressure in the blood vessels is 120/80. But due to the accumulation of fat in the tubes, kidney problems, the intake of drugs dilates the path of the tubes, due to which the heart has to exert more effort in transporting and returning blood to different organs or cells. This is where the disease of high blood pressure or hypertension begins.

How to cure high blood pressure without medicine

You can control your BP by following the right lifestyle. Let us know what you have to do regularly-

Eat Food On Fix Time

To control BP, keep one meal and drink time. Fix the time of morning and evening meals. And even if you are taking DPA, there must be a fixed time to take it so that in the same cycle you take the medicine again the next day, so that your BP will be under control.

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Physical Activity Is Must

To control blood pressure, it is very important to have physical activity in the daily routine. You walk for half an hour every night, do light exercise, do yoga and meditation. But it is very important to do physical activity at any time in the morning or evening.

Weight Loss

If we go to the doctor when there is a problem of BP, then his first question is that to lose weight. If you are living with obesity, then start from today itself in reducing weight because not only BP but also the risk of many diseases increases. You can easily reduce your weight by avoiding oil spices and through physical activity.

Tension Na Le

It has often been seen that people who take more tension, they have the problem of high BP. So always try to be cool mid. Don’t think too much about anything. Do yoga and meditation to stay stress free.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Due to the busy life of today, people are not able to complete their sleep. The result of which is the onset of diseases at an early age. Lack of sleep also causes BP problem. Therefore, do all the work on time and take 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Avoid drug abuse (Avoid Drug Abuse)

Do not consume intoxicants, it is injurious to health. Its consumption leads to many serious diseases like BP, cancer.

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Do not consume too much salt and oil-spices(BP Ke Mareej Namak Kam Le)

Patients with high blood pressure should not take too much salt. At the same time, fried things should also be avoided in food.


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