Hero of Indian Army: The body of the jawan has been protecting the country for 38 years even after dying, the mortal remains found in Siachen

Chandrashekhar, who had disappeared in the glacier due to avalanche from 29 May 1984, had hoped that the father would definitely return one day.

Yesterday the Indian Army found the body of one of the soldiers who went missing 38 years ago. It is a miracle to find the remains of a soldier missing during the 1984 operation in Siachen. According to the Indian Army, Lance Naik Late Chandrashekhar was missing in Siachen since 29 May 1984. In a tweet, the Northern Command of the Indian Army said, a patrol party of the Indian Army recovered the mortal remains of LNK (Late) Chandra Shekhar, who had disappeared in the glacier due to avalanche since 29 May 1984. The Indian Army said that a deceased soldier was identified with the help of an identification disc containing his army number. It said, LNK (Late) Chander Shekhar was identified with the help of an identification disc containing his army number, which was mortal. was entangled with the remains. It was then matched to official army records and descriptions. The mortal remains will be handed over to the family soon.

Let us tell you that according to the records of the Indian Army, soldier Chandrashekhar was deployed in Gyeongala Glacier for Operation Meghdoot in 1984. 38 years ago on April 13, the code-name of the Indian Armed Forces operation was Operation Meghdoot. Launched in 1984 to capture the Siachen Glacier in Jammu and Kashmir, the Siachen conflict began, this military operation was unique as the first attack was launched on the highest battlefield in the world. As a result of the military action, Indian troops gained control of the entire Siachen Glacier. The Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield on Earth, where India and Pakistan have been fighting intermittently since 1984. Both countries maintain a permanent military presence in the region at an altitude of over 6,000 meters (20,000 ft). More than 2,000 soldiers have been killed in this inhospitable area.

The Army said that Northern Army Commander, Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi and all ranks salute LNK (Late) Chandra Shekhar who made the supreme sacrifice while being deployed for Operation Meghdoot at Gyeongala Glacier in 1984. Shanti Devi, 63, widow of Uttarakhand’s Lance Naik Chandrashekhar Haldwani, is still alive. Lansnayak was the 19 Kamau Regiment. Shanti Devi was 25 years old when he went to war. His daughter Kavita is 42 years old now. Kavita says that she hoped that Papa would definitely return one day.

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