Here a 70-year-old woman became the second wife of a 37-year-old man!

Used to love each other, there was a difference between the ages, so the marriage could not take place

A strange news has come to light in its neighboring country Pakistan, which is facing economic-political turmoil. Here a 70 year old woman married a 37 year old man. The woman was unmarried till now, while the young man has been married before and has six children. The video of their wedding went viral on social media.

Learn about the case in detail

According to the information, a 37-year-old youth named Ikhtiyar had a love marriage with a 70-year-old girl. When Ikhtiyar was a teenager, he fell in love with a woman aged 45-48 at that time. But due to the huge age difference, the marriage could not take place at that time. Due to strong opposition from the house, Ikhtiyar married another girl. While Kishwar remained unmarried. Now after years both of them have got married. Kishwar became the second wife by marrying 37-year-old Ikhtiyar. Ikhtiyar has six children from his first wife. The video of their wedding went viral on social media. In this case the first wife is also in discussion who allowed her husband to remarry with her love. Ikhtiyar’s children also supported this marriage.

Now the video and photo of this incident went viral on the social media of Pakistan. Some people liked the lovers they met after years, while some opposed this marriage.

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