Heights given to BJP achievements, committee will be formed for coordination of Congress

Bhopal, Preparations of BJP and Congress have intensified to achieve Mission 2023 in the state, where Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan released the Good Governance and Development Report 2022 in Delhi, while in the capital Bhopal, Congress State President Kamal Nath along with the party’s veteran leaders took the road. Map prepared. madhyapradesh politcs bjp congress

In fact, not only among the leaders of both the parties, but also among the workers, there is a growing curiosity for Mission 2023 because the results of 2018 were surprising for both the parties. This time both the parties do not want to leave any stone unturned in 2023 and this is the reason that the preparations have gathered pace ahead of time. The ruling party BJP is insisting on highlighting the achievements of the government from 2003 till now. At the same time, the biggest priority of the Congress party is to create unity among the leaders and at this time both the parties are busy in achieving this.

However, like the weather on Monday, the political mercury of both the parties kept heating up, especially the opposition parties kept speculating about the Congress meeting in the evening, in which it was also emerging rapidly that Kamal Nath would leave the post of Leader of Opposition. The list of names for this was going on the basis of speculations on social media, but in the evening at the residence of Congress State President Kamal Nath, veteran leaders former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, former Union Minister Suresh Pachauri, State President Kantilal Bhuria, Arun Yadav, former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh and Most of the former ministers of the Kamal Nath cabinet were present in the meeting. In which various issues were discussed and most of the members were concerned about 2023.

In which the biggest obstacle was the lack of coordination among the leaders. For this it has been decided that an advisory committee of senior leaders will be formed which will prepare the road till 2023 and every week the programs of the party will be decided and the role of the leaders will also be determined. It is being emphasized that all the big leaders in their respective areas should be active and highlight the flaws of the BJP government and make whatever program the party decides to be successful. At present, there is talk of taking the membership campaign to the target.

On the other hand, the state government for the first time released a report 2022 on the work done for good governance and development in the state in the last one and a half decade, in which community engagement and participation, strong policy measures, efficient delivery system, evidence-based decisions and comprehensive monitoring like governance. The results of unique experiments were brought to the notice of everyone, this report, divided into five sections, was also released and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in his address how Madhya Pradesh has come from BIMARU state to the category of progressive state in one and a half decade. For this, the implementation of one plan was also told, the Union Minister of Madhya Pradesh, MP was also present on this occasion. In a way, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tried to elevate the achievements of the Madhya Pradesh government in front of the ambassadors of different countries in Delhi.

Overall, both the major parties of the state, BJP and Congress have intensified the preparations for Mission 2023 and for this, while the BJP is intensifying efforts to give heights to the achievements of the government, the opposition Congress leader is also the first time after the fall of the government. Sitting together and conceived for the mission 2023.

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